The infamous British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia sold the apartment in Moscow. It is reported by MK.

“Now there is constantly someone walking around. Constantly there lives the guy, rather large in appearance. Apart from the fact that at the end of last year, half of the house was not heating due to the overlap of the riser in the apartment, no problems. Recently, there is some kind of party were distinctly came the sound of the guitar,” said the neighbors.

Reporters learned that the apartment of Yulia Skripal on Davydkovskaya street bought one Tatiana R. most Likely, it is familiar with Kripalani. Tatiana R. appears in the statement of income of employees of the Agency. In 2012, she was a leading specialist of the Department and pointed out a flat area 73 of the “square”. Tatiana’s husband, a military pilot. They have a son named Valery. It was previously rewritten the car Yulia Skripal.

“I do not exclude that the attack”: Skripal got in an accident

Valerie 33 years and he was in Lyubertsy, in the same apartment, which declared Tatiana R. Judging by his pages in social networks, he is a lover of an active lifestyle: loves surfing on YouTube posted a video of his flight at the combat training aircraft L-39. Valery travels a lot in his marked geotagging Zanzibar, the countries of Europe. He is a close friend Gulnara – friend Julia Skripal.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that Sergei Skripal with her daughter Julia under new names were sent to New Zealand.