Singer Joe Diffie has died in the USA after complications from coronavirus

Joe Diffie born in 1958, has always been a man about whom they say “blood with milk”. Strong and muscular cheerful blonde with a bushy mustache and beaming smile, he with the 90-ies was one of the main idols of American country music. And was able to joke even about his own death in 1993, Joe released the album Honk Attitude, the title track from which was called Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die) – “back me up by the jukebox if I die.”

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This song, like another one John Deere Green immediately hit the American Top-5 hits. And since then, Joe Diffie regularly produced good drives and got into the charts.

the song with the immodest title Bigger Than The Beatles in 1995 he became a musician for the fifth # 1 hit in the U.S. charts.

Soon Joe Diffie appreciated in Europe, largely due to the melodic ballad under an acoustic guitar, cheerful appearance “his guy” – a simple, good-natured and ironic. Women fell in love with his smile and manly beauty, men liked his austere melodies. And hit-parade – daring mood, precise sound and jucovy the choruses.

In late 90s, Joe Diffie was fond of straightforward country-rock, then switched to the more international and popular all over the world bluegrass, which was already less than from traditional American folk of the southern States. But more guitar creativity and enthusiasm.

On account of the artist many awards but the most prestigious, of course, “Grammy” for the song Same Old Train.

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Colleagues also appreciated and respected Joe. Along with other country singersand Sammy Kershaw and Aaron Tipping he went to a very successful tour called All in the Same Boat.

In 2019 Joe Diffie has released another album – Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie, also known as Homecoming: The Bluegrass Album. The thirteenth Studio which, alas, the last.