a Woman without symptoms has passed in the Elevator of her home in China. The result: a coronavirus infected 71 people. Prior to that, she was tested, he was negative. On this case, according to U.S. scientists from the Center for control and prevention of diseases… In Russia in the period of strict isolation people generally could name the exact spot where caught. Now many of the newly infected don’t even know where picked up COVID-19. We compared the incidence of coronavirus in the spring and mid-summer.

In March, the first place for epidemiological risk has long remained foreign travel and contacts with arrived out with tourists. Until April so infected the most, no wonder one of the questions was: “did returning from abroad?” Residents of the regions, in turn, got it from had fled from the capital of the Muscovites.

Here is what they write about how were infected with coronavirus “Oldies” to share the infection at the beginning of the pandemic, in the group of “Atypical kovid: exchange of experience”.

“I think at the airport. Even more likely, in the plane. Nearby sat a couple, the husband was a slight, still slept, she felt sorry for him. Flying from Emirates”.

“I Have three times the risk of Contracting. In airports, in museums, while living in the village… Thought we were lucky. Alas, my daughter caught at the Lyceum directly in front of the self-isolation”.

“From crazy friends of those who have “virus came up to us to plant.” Most interesting in January with a baby was in China, arrived healthy, and we caught up with the virus”.

In April, when the people were sent on forced “udalenka” and an exit outside to walk a pet was a real treat, the top three places where you could pick up COVID-19, looked far more exotic, although geography and much narrowed.

In the first place: a trip to the store or pharmacy. The second gas station. Third: taking out the trash

also called options: “Doctor, got it from colleagues.” “Her husband was at work got infected, and my children a month in isolation stayed. I immediately got sick.” “From a young son. Where did he get is anyone’s guess, no contact. Apparently, in the Elevator breathed, no other way to explain it.”

Since mid-June, when everything is allowed again, albeit gradually, expanding the list of places where you can safely walk and enjoy the fresh air of the veranda, shopping malls, markets, beaches, people ceased to understand, where and how picked up a virus.

Naturally, people are tired – like fear of the disease itself, and to follow safety rules. Therefore, “all mixed up” and most of our recently contracted and Tbilisi citizens to the question: “Where were infected with coronavirus?”, often puzzled shrugs:

“From the beginning of June every day been in town, left�� for a new job. Self-isolation is over. Anywhere could be infected. Maybe the store near your house? A couple of times I went, forgetting the mask. But at work before my arrival, there were cases kovida, so I don’t know…”

Julia: “a Relative brought from the Crimea”. Elena: “Restaurant”. Michael: “Barbecue. Sat with my girlfriend”.

Inna: “most Likely, at work. I’m an accountant, usually do everything on remote, and then once released, went to subway, it was urgent to resolve the issue.”

Tatiana, a 21-year-old son became ill in early July: “went With friends for a birthday. Say that you didn’t go, just walking the streets. Moved all relatively easy. We were at the cottage and home for two weeks did not come back until it was treated, you never know”.

Zinaida Petrovna, ‘ 74: “I Went to take tests in the clinic. On TV they said that already. In the evening I had a fever, then my husband. In the hospital we put did not become. Daughter, she is a nurse, came in a mask to do injections. She and the grandkids didn’t get sick. Now that’s feeling better already, still a couple of days to rest up and go again to the doctor did not complete the tests for you!”

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