TV presenter and now blogger’s got talent a few years ago that shook the country in recognition of drug and alcohol addicted. Many stars were then supported Dana – drove it for a different TV show and discussed her problem, she was sent to be treated for addiction in rehab.

It was returned, it would seem, to a normal life… But now people think that all the labors were in vain.

Like many Russians, Borisov is now at home in isolation. Doing it is very strange interacting with their followers in “Instagram”, aired, but is behaving very suspiciously.

The last “straw” was her appearance in a joint live with an open escortsite Olesya Malibu, when they are both (for This initiative) showed people the chest and said that over 30 thousand rubles, and are willing to talk to any man over a Cup of coffee.

Colleagues in The star shop fear that the reason for her strange behavior – either alcohol or some prohibited substance. The woman is in conversation with the correspondent all denied.

“I was not drunk! April 26 marks three years three years I’m clean from alcohol and drugs. Absolutely. I have never had a breakdown. If he happened to Marat, my doctor knew right away would.

Even in the comments said that my nose is in the powder and the hands of blue, that I pricked. Well, what a laugh. I didn’t do it even when you were using, because I don’t know how and afraid to do it wrong. But the hands are blue… well, maybe I was cold and could be the reason that I am 43 years old, for a moment”.

We decided to call the stars, familiar with Borisova and find out what they think about what is happening.

Rustam Solntsev: “she Looks like she’s “on something”

The star of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev sure Borisova really broke.

“Some believe that this may be a well-known drug that is dispensed in pharmacies by prescription. But, as far as I know the experience of the Director, this drug makes a person a bit laggy, the person begins to pull words and so on.

Dana, on the contrary, very much rastormazivate became extremely energetic. What normal people seem strange and indecent, for it is now quite normal.

In any case, it looks like she’s “on something”. About two weeks ago I was contacted by Nikita Lushnikov (Chairman of the National anti-drug Union – approx.ed.).

he said that He turned to her and asked, maybe she needs some help, but she sent him to hell. He never wants to have anything to do with it”.

One of the reasons for the possible failure Borisova Solntsev believes financial problems. If Rustam because of the isolation looking for a part time job and even responded to the position of the author of the texts in one of the online publications, the former host of the program “Army shop” such decent ways of earning does not go.

“I think that she had no money, at all. What it could be stock? She goes on tour, does not conduct events – need a competent Manager, she has nobody.

The more narrowed the field of earnings, she earns that’s going somewhere and talking. Of course a pity that it happened”.

Anna Kalashnikova: “a Normal person would not behave this way”About the uneasy relationship Borisova with singer Anna Kalashnikova have long known all over the country. Watching the new antics Given, the singer did not deny himself the pleasure to speak.

“Honestly, I think that Given all the time builds himself a victim and a PR for the full program. To earn money, it is like a weed or a parasite, attaches itself to any subject and any person to Volochkova, the Hang, then to me.

writing about my panties, which she believes cost 300 rubles, took a bunch of storys about it and never calms down. If she answer it, she continues to develop the scandals. I know this and therefore try not to react.

Her psychosomatic condition – a big question. And although she claims to “clean” it seems to me that she still uses. A normal person would not behave this way. Or this is a transformation of personality after what happened to her”.

The fact that Borisov and Olesya Malibu showed users to “Instagram” their nipples, Kalashnikov was not surprised.

“I know Dan for a long time – since about 2014 and what it may your chest all in a row to demonstrate – this is not news to me. I like it too, this chest was sent.

she is such that she will drink or something to eat, and starts to send all his chest and not only, and write messages of a sexual nature,” said Anna.

She also commented on the recent recognition Borisova that a few years ago, while in captivity a bad addiction, she slept for money with strange men. Rumor has it that Dana and now working as a escort.

“I did not hold a candle, but these rumors do go. I don’t understand why she’s behaving like a parasite. Why is it easier for the pussy to show it is easier to pretend to be an idiot. I’m against it.

If she is doing it consciously, then it’s disgusting because she’s the daughter grows, the girl takes after her mother, her damaged psyche.

even If she was wrong and she had sex for money, why to tell to the whole country? It seems to me that half of the stars was a theme or just PR��of Glojene, but everyone is silent”.