“Our secret is two words,” says Brigadier General Sergii Melnyk in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. These two words are actually one name: Valery Saluschnyj. He is the supreme commander of the Ukrainian armed forces and is considered a great hero in his country. According to a survey by the magazine “Ukrainska Pravda”, he would even be elected president if elections were to be held.

We owe the remarkable successes in the regions of Donetsk and Kharkiv as well as in southern Ukraine to Zalushny. “We kept the tension there,” Melnyk reveals to “Bild” and explains: “You couldn’t know where we would attack.”

The general also explains how the Ukrainians proceeded. “First we launched an artillery counter-offensive and hit their depots and logistics,” Melnyk said. The aim was to largely paralyze the Russian ammunition supply. Putin’s army is used to “being well supplied with ammunition”. When this premise was destroyed, the Russians would have fled the previously occupied territories very quickly.

And according to Melnyk, the losses are so heavy that there is no sign of a Russian counterattack anytime soon. “They have neither the strength nor the health nor the courage to come here a second time,” he told the newspaper.

The German role in the counteroffensive should not be underestimated, explains the brigadier general. “I would like to thank Germany for the precise weapons.” But even more important is the training on the same weapons. Thanks to the German weapons training, the Ukrainians “learned very well how to hit the targets with an accuracy of one meter”.

But just like his president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Melnyk also emphasizes how important it is to continue receiving weapons. “Everywhere the Russian soldiers set foot, we see destruction, death and murder. That’s why we need more help,” he emphasized in an interview with “Bild”.