Sergei Sobyanin We have made the decision about the deployment of additional beds in the temporary medical buildings

In the capital continue to increase the number of health facilities that provide care for patients with coronavirus infection. About this mayor Sergei Sobyanin said during a meeting of the Presidium of the coordination Council for the fight against the spread of novel coronavirus infection under the leadership of Prime Minister Michael mishustina.

“According to the minimum standard needed to deploy 12 thousand beds. Today, we have already deployed about 16 million in the coming days we will deploy up to 20 thousand, and on up to 27 thousand,” — said the Mayor.

in addition, near clinics that have already redeveloped, constructed temporary housing, which will increase the capacity of health facilities several times. For example, such work is conducted in Kommunarka.

“Endlessly to take offices clinics that deal with other issues (emergency assistance, emergency assistance, cancer patients, patients with heart disease), it is impossible. We still have to cope with another influx of patients. So we took the decision to deploy five thousand additional beds in temporary buildings that will be built near the high-tech clinics”, — said Sergey Sobyanin.

to Increase bed capacity should be in other regions of the country, because already today the volume of his load is about 40 percent of the plan.

in addition, it is planned to attract into the health system with additional frames. “I ask you to give the order by Monday to prepare the order of the Ministry of health and Ministry of education on the direction of the practice students in the fourth and fifth courses. It motivated guys who have good enough knowledge, they chose this profession, they’ll see it again in practice what the real medicine, gain knowledge and I think will have decent help in this situation”, — said the Mayor.

Only in the capital for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection deployed offices in Federal, city and private hospitals. In the settlement Voronovo built and opened a new infectious diseases hospital of 800 beds (if necessary, their number can be increased to 900). Also in several buildings of the Federal, municipal and private hospitals continue to prepare to deploy to hospitals for treatment of patients with COVID-19.

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