Sergei Sobyanin the Doctors are seeking the most effective methods of treatment of coronavirus

In Moscow, there is a search the most effective treatment methods coronavirus infection. Now set up a special group of physicians, which develops methods and selects the most effective medication. This was done in cooperation with specialists of the Ministry of health, Federal scientific-research institutions and medical universities.

One of the techniques, which are pinning high hopes, is the transfusion of plasma antibodies to the new coronavirus infection. Donors may be people who have had COVID-19 and have developed immunity to the disease. They should not be contraindications to donation of blood and its components and chronic diseases.

Sergei Sobyanin noted that it adopted a special decision on incentive payments for donors who can donate such blood.

Doctors on communication: how telemedicine helps in the fight against coronaviruses blood with antibodies to COVID-19 will receive incentive payments

in addition, the Mayor has warned Muscovites from self-treatment and recommended at the first sign of the disease to seek treatment.

“unfortunately, the most severely affected patients and two-thirds of deaths from the coronavirus we have just from those who tried to self-medicate, and then ended up in our hospitals. In any case it is not necessary to do it,” — said Sergey Sobyanin.

it is Worth remembering that the decision to home treatment may take only a doctor and only for a patient with a mild form of the disease. Cases signs the informed consent that he agrees not to leave the house. Living together with him family members are given the resolution of the chief sanitary physician for the city of Moscow and also should not leave the apartment during the quarantine.

Those who treated at home, provide remote support to staff telemedicine services of assistance. Doctors online can assess the condition of patients, to answer questions and give recommendations.