Here is a typical letter from Oleg Vitalyevich Zenova: “Good afternoon. The song is notable. When he was in these streets, there is a desire to find the girl, the mother of the dead Earrings and Vitka and help something. My father studied in the village of Mokhovoe Orel region and jokingly said that he is the Victor with moss. And why only the young were in the article? Perhaps Earrings and Vitka on the streets and fought in a rather respectable age…”

a Tiny clue gave the letter Muscovite Elena Saprykina:

“I went to school-building in Strogino. This school was opened in 1984 and she at the request of the famous Arbat graduates of school No. 69, which in 1942 was closed and was refitted as a hospital, has assigned the old number. Among the graduates of the Arbat school was the poet Bulat Okudzhava and composer Andrei Eshpai. A year later they with other survivors graduates come to us for the unveiling of the memorial plaque to the fallen teachers and students.

the meeting heard that Vic and Shackle also studied at the school # 69 on the Arbat. Their names you will see on a plaque. And the author of the song Andrei Eshpai was often in their company…”

Alas, we with the Deputy Director on educational work and Dina E. Stepanova not found confirmation of this beautiful legend. On the plaque is the name of Viktor Aleshin, but no Sergei.

– Andrei Yakovlevich Eshpai is really a graduate of the Arbat school N 69, continuer of the history of which was our school – says E. Dean. – It’s the anthem of our school wrote. But the fact that he talked about the prototypes songs Earring and Vitka as about our students, nothing is confirmed. Most likely, he’s just talking about his song, and the children’s imagination to finish.

Finding those who knew Sergeev with Malaya Bronnaya, and Viktorov with a moss continues. Email us at the email address: call: 89039694901.