Today the world is more afraid of not so much the coronavirus, how many ways out of the pandemic. Oddly enough, it gave a positive result. Plants are not heavily smoke their pipes, and the air in the village you can not go.

If the oil from their dirty emissions into the atmosphere will again go to the course in the previous volumes, what will become of the environment?

Breathe – and enough?!

While environmental reports on countries and continents are the most optimistic. Land, air and even space-based monitoring of the planet from NASA satellites shows that the “lungs” of the Earth have become much cleaner. In modern history, yet this was not to air decreased by 80 %, traffic flow by 35 %.

Particularly gratifying changes in China, this industrial giant. Carbon dioxide emissions for this period last year, it decreased by 25 %. Even from space you can see that the number of fine particles in the air decreased by 30 %. At times reduced emissions of harmful nitrogen dioxides and carbon dioxide.

All of these global changes on the planet give reason to believe that the health of the population will be better. The experts start from 2008, when China for the Olympic Games in Beijing, suspended operations of its production in the country significantly decreased the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

And, on the contrary: in 2010, when in the vicinity of Moscow was raging forest and peat fires, the number of deaths from these diseases was much higher.

In General, the relationship of ecology to human health is obvious.

the Question is, what would you choose for us policy: a clean environment or a growing economy, the use of hydrocarbon resources. After all, once we get out of quarantine and go to work, on the streets of Moscow and other capitals of the world again lined up many kilometers of traffic jams.

Everyone understands: the effect of suppression of coronavirus will be short and by and large the global climate change will do nothing. What is in comparison with eternity two months of isolation and restrictions?

MiG, blinding moment…

We (that is, they, politicians and Industrialists) in front – so will make up for the missed opportunity that is more than block obtained a temporary positive effect.

unfortunately, this has a homespun truth. The economy needs to give, if not deafening surplus value, then at least the jobs and livelihoods of ordinary people. Remember the sad Russian experience. When in 90-e years of the last century, the “restructuring” stopped industrial production, the working class lost their piece of bread and have lost confidence in the future, began to die much more than from thHoi an environmental or from the current coronavirus. Although greenhouse gas emissions in Russia in the “dashing 90” was decreased by almost 2.5 times.

the right balance. To reduce the use of petroleum products was not a result of the pandemic and the search and implementation of alternative energy technologies.

– In some European countries are already preparing competent exit strategy from coronavirus crisis, says Olga Senova, head of the climate Secretariat of the Russian socio-ecological Union.- In particular, road and public transport. Social distance buses cannot be saved. Plan to put citizens on bicycles, will build the bike. That’s one of the real ways. Although it is clear that it will require the construction of additional lanes on highways, and General changes in traffic rules to ensure the safety of cyclists.

the Second way is to avoid air travel, they are the most dirty to the environment. To change trains to travel on long-haul routes. In General, choose vacation spots closer to home. This is the concept in European countries.

the Crimea instead of Egypt or Turkey you want to say?

– Crimea, Voronezh, Baltika – Russia has a lot of areas where you can relax. The main thing – to start to think about it, to build an exit strategy from the pandemic with a view to environmental priorities. Not to lose the little positive things achieved because of the crisis.

In Russia, such goals are not will soon be put…

– Well, why not? We adhere to multi-week quarantine, sacrificed economic benefits for the sake of preservation of health of Russians. Ecology the same thing, for the health of the nation. In a “past life” we didn’t understand. Shake, I hope, will help you think about it, not only Russia but also other countries.