Russian Prosecutor General’s office on Wednesday, may 6, recognized information about the artificial origin of the coronavirus SARS-COV-2, and also that he is a biological weapon, a fake. Now for the deliberate dissemination of such news under the guise of truthful, could face liability. In Russia, however, extends a lot of other conspiracy theories: anonymous commentators, pseudoscientists, celebrities and TV presenters Federal channels ready to believe that coronavirus is associated with plans to microchip people, with bill gates, with the Chinese conspiracy and anything else, just to add popularity points at the expense of frightened people. Who spread conspiracy theories and where they actually originated in Russia, — says “”.

a “the” reminds us that reading the news about the coronavirus, it is better to trust only reliable sources such as the CPS or oberstab Moscow. Even those people whose opinion you value may be in error and to issue unofficial or fake information for the truth.

“You understand, what not all so is simple?! That is a terrible global deterrence people with the virus, in order then to vaccinate everyone and to set the chips!” — broadcast your Instagram account, the former participant reality show “House-2” Victoria Bonya.

The posts were extremely emotional — one might think that the woman really had a secret knowledge and uses the power of his celebrity in order to protect humanity from a terrible threat.

The positions of the stars were mixed up and vaccines, which allegedly people introduce microchips to spy on them, and tower communications of the fifth generation (5G), which, according to one of the conspiracy theories, are set in order to weaken the human immune system.

Some readers of this blog don’t believe that Bonia said it seriously. They suggested that she does it for self-promotion. Others doubted the sincerity of the stars.

Among the latter, sure there are plenty of those who believe that the Americans did not fly to the moon and it was all filmed in Hollywood by Stanley Kubrick.

In General, long before the pandemic coronavirus conspiracy theories on domestic soil enough, and one of the most famous was devoted to “digital concentration camp”. It piled in a heap all the fears associated with the transition of public services in digital format. Adherents of this conspiracy theory encourage to use Soviet passports (because they are not “chipped”), does not pass through the metal detector (instead of “shone”). And, of course, it can be developed widely as you like — because to conduct sabotage activities by anyone, from people who “illegally seized power in the USSR” to the reptilians and world ruler��TBA. In short, the soil was fertile.

Viktor Korotayev / Kommersant

the Useless the

“somewhere lost the war in Syria and Libya, ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. “Of the”) was quiet… Apparently, Directors are difficult to control in several of the plot lines!” — says one of the news of the coronavirus on “Yandex.News” one under the name Incognito.

He was echoed by user Sergey Taranovsky, who has “a friend from new York,” and he posted “videos about fake coronavirus”. According to Taranovsky, despite the fact that this friend of a wide circle of friends, none of his friends never got sick. And reports of high mortality is all a hoax.

Another theory ties up to the situation step_by_step.

“I have lost faith in all these "scientists"… the World is fake, the mortality rate has not grown at all compared to previous years with pneumonia… And all these "scientists" silent, continuing to live at the expense of the budgets of the countries. Useless items: no great discoveries or revelations of fakes,” he writes.

Here you can see another conspiracy theory, which is actively promoting writer and radio host Yulia Latynina. Before this theory was focused mainly on global warming, but now organically intertwined and pandemic coronavirus.

According to her, global warming does not exist, and the fact that the vast majority of scientists believe this is because that they grant, and if they will write the truth, they will not issue grants for research. A coronavirus, in the eyes of the people, is just another excuse to kick of their States money for writing another meaningless work-pugalok.

But this theory side. As the main conspiracy, actively spread their “videorussian” the hot topic in YouTube, moves the world-old idea that everything that happens around — statement. As that is the landing Americans on the moon, supposedly filmed in Hollywood.

To the news that one of the Moscow hospitals has lined up a whole queue of ambulances, immediately there are those who are beginning to say that the car was deliberately driven in a circle, creating only the visibility of the line — supposedly there are day and night video which can be viewed the same cars.

“They go around the circle, I guess. Survey type "White hats". I guess that’s why it happened. Installation failed. Now I understand the joke? INSTALLATION. CAROUSEL,” writes in the comments someone named Lana.

Anton Vaganov / Reuters

Patients all too clear. The TV did not show dying and suffering patients, this means that the virus no no. “Where are these achinge? Show only supposedly cares that look healthier healthy!” — outraged commentator with the nickname South.

the Slaves of bill gates

Of course, once the plot is, and going around is something mysterious, it must be beneficial to someone, argue the conspiracy theorists. And here comes “the theory of the Golden billion”, according to which conditional the movers and shakers of the Western world I want to leave on Earth only one billion of the “right” of successful people, and “serfs” — to destroy.

Who is to blame — not so important, although in recent years on the theory that it should still be bill gates. In the end, it is linked to many other conspiracy theories — and here he explicitly stated that donates money to the creation of a vaccine against the coronavirus, but still it turned out that a few years ago warned that humanity could face a pandemic of a new disease.

To associate one with the other conspiracy theorists is not working. And since among them are many of those who oppose vaccination, then it becomes clear that the coronavirus was invented in order to infect everyone, and then put all vaccinations. And such that will cause infertility — that’s the way to achieve a society of the “Golden billion”. Well, gates is, of course, get rich by selling vaccines will be added.

Arun Sankar / AP

the Chinese experiment

A egorus85 all the same “Yandex.News” paints “a brief chronology of events”. He confidently claims that the virus was invented in the US in August last year (although in the basic version, the first cases COVID-19 began to register in the Chinese city of Wuhan in November 2019) on the “closed laboratory in Fort Deitrich”. The virus allegedly allowed to walk on the United States and Europe, and in China brought another, less deadly strain. Why was it necessary to do so, and not Vice versa, he does not explain, but for fans of scary tales, explanation is not necessary.

Others on the contrary believe that the virus developed in China — in fact, for the happiness of the Amateurs of conspiracy theories, in Wuhan do have a laboratory, which examined the viruses. The man with the nickname andy.b believes that the Chinese “experiment”, and the vaccines they have procured in advance. But the plans are big — in the opinion of the commentator, thus China is going to hurt America, then where to throw “more deadly strain.”

But at what here Russia? Have with andy.b the answer to this question.

“Just look around the world, where they have a huge investment clearly, the Chinese are not concerned that Russia has gone up. Why let these assistants? So they tested their new accomplishments across the country? Bred them,” lays it on the shelves.

the digital concentration camp

Someone Chinese to blame someone — noborot, Americans, and the Chinese suffered along with everyone. But supporters of those and other theorists, besides the fact that using the virus is a sinister plan to reduce the world’s population, it is also clear that, on the other hand, the virus is not so dangerous. Both of these statements (the virus is not dangerous, but it will reduce the population) are perfectly combined in the minds of conspiracy-minded citizens, and no conflict.

For them it is obvious that if the virus is not dangerous, then all this noise is definitely pursuing a specific task. Then arrives the following experts, who begin to assure each other and other commentators doubting that this is a conspiracy of the authorities. A digital badge is, according to Oleg A., the way to ensure that all then “to be chipped like dogs”.


Another user with the nickname “turn the brain” puts forward a theory that goes even further.

“to Build urgently 11 clinics in the Moscow region, the question — for what?” he writes.

And he is responsible for “an urgent injection of something”. In the flu shots of course he does not believe, so one conclusion — thus people chiprout, but “relatively free”. It turns out, “fake” pandemic — a good reason to engage in this action as many people as possible.

Another commentators echoes. “It’s amazing! — she is indignant. — People did not want to offend, but what do You as an obedient herd rushed these passes? Well, turn your heads! Because of people like You, then the whole country chiprout, and then with it nothing can be done!”.

the New business scout Kvachkova

These two stages of adopting a coronavirus conspiracy again does not contradict the first, according to which everything that happens — a huge statement for authorship of Hollywood Directors.

For example, the resource Pikabu is a lengthy post another conspiracy theorist, who, by his own admission, after the President of March 25, felt “shock and fear for his family and for himself”, ran to buy buckwheat, but then I began to explore the network space and found it all “a great deception”. According to him, hospitals in the U.S. and Italy is not crowded, and all messages and photos there is definitely fake. Insights, of course, significant.

“Witnesses” that coronavirus does not exist (or that it is not more dangerous than seasonal flu), quite a lot. They organize massive raids in comments to almost every growing popularity of video on YouTube or post to Instagram. American blogger of Russian origin Samsebeskazal Denis leads on YouTube, chronicle of a pandemic from the United States.

“Here, look, there are three refrigerator near the hospital, all work. What you still need proof? Who will be thadopt just like that?” indignantly, he asks in their commercials.

But it seems that the rollers denials Fannin anticorrosiveness hysteria, and through the views of assorted “experts” and “experts” going higher and higher, warming up the many pseudo-scientific videos. For example, the network is actively walking clip epidemiologist Igor Gundarov, the developer of the so-called “epidemiology of spirituality”, according to which the absence of this “spirituality” leads to the extinction of the Russian population. Is spirituality — growing population. Not — dying.

There, and Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov, who since his release from prison, where he remained for the attempt of organizing a coup d’etat, does not cease to act everywhere where only it is invited. This time he, too, fails — despite the fact that the video with him actively removes YouTube, you can find one of the issues in which he, at the table with the icons is that pandemic is a conspiracy, to put it mildly, the Jews.

RIA Novosti

the Besogon against coronavirus

When it appeared, let him deny coronavirus people are alone with their theories, scientists and intelligence officer Kvachkov, the conspiracy theory went on the Federal TV. Saturday, may 2, on TV channel “Russia 24” showed the next release of the program “Besogon TV”, which relieves and leads Director Nikita Mikhalkov. The release was called “one in the pocket of the state.” Worker of culture of a quiet voice as usual calm tone told the audience, saying that so and so, bill gates is going to all be vaccinated for the coronavirus came up with.

“But it’s not the vaccinations, like polio and smallpox, as in school we set,” said Mikhalkov.

He declares that the billionaire was doing so under the guise of vaccination against coronavirus chipped the entire population of the planet. Somehow went from the main besogon Russian television and head of Sberbank German Gref. In remote educational programs for children, which supports Gref, Mikhalkov has seen a desire to control people “through digitalization”.

Fortunately, a program on “Russia 24” showed only twice in 23 hours, and 3 hours of the night. The Director reacted quite harshly, claiming that his transfer, “this compulsion for truth through non-violent means”, and once it is removed from the air means “is untouchable and really not necessary.”

RIA Novosti

<a href = Crisis actors

The funny thing is that homegrown conspiracy theorists actually can’t think of anything of his own. Often nodding at the “soulless West” as the source of all evils, they actively pick up all that is said of their American counterparts. For example, a theory about the “deadlyx” mobile towers the fifth generation, affects the immune system, originated in konspirologichesky community QAnon, which broadcasts the wildest speculation. Empty American and European hospitals, too, the invention is not Russian commentators and bloggers.

As for what all this “shoot in Hollywood” — a theory known as crisis action, and it consists in the fact that the majority of terrorist attacks, major accidents and disasters never really happened. Her father is an American conspiracy theorist James Tracy, who after shooting at elementary school in the city of sandy hook, in 2012, claimed that victims of the shooting, and their parents, and those who gave it all — actors hired by the Agency Vision Box by order of the authorities. Later he went on to say that the attack on the marathon in Boston — the same statement. Well, the goal is to establish surveillance over the population and take away his weapon.

Since then this theory has been well received on American soil. But it seems that with the beginning of the pandemic in the fashion industry, it started its triumphal March through Russia. The situation is convenient for conspiracy theorists: for the disease control authorities have to apply strict measures, and the victims COVID-19 really is not much to trouble came to every home, and ceased to be something on the other side of the monitor. Tired of the isolation people are trying to find an explanation of why they are driving home, and not finding the answer to your question, turn to the Internet, which, as is known, it is possible to find evidence of any, even the most irrational fears.