have suspected for some readers, it is the quest castle. This, unfortunately, is wrong. It is right, however, that in the photo the ruins of the castle grill castle was shown. The also R. Unger, writes that in 1217 the castle as a “castle Grellenberch”, which served for the protection of the singing houses of the trough, for the first time in a document was mentioned, knew, among other things. “Particularly noteworthy is the use of brick as a building material,” says R. Unger is.

puzzles photo: ruins of the barbecue castle was looking for

In a feud, had been taken in the year 1361, the castle with the office and the place from the Mansfeld counts, which was forced to give up a year later. “At the siege of the castle, the peasants of the place, the great damage suffered, so that you have been adopted for three years, all of the services and charges.”

In 1366, the castle was then in possession of Duke Magnus of Brunswick. From 1485 to 1547, the castle was granted as a fief to the family of Morungen, then fell to the Saxon office Hausen sang. Irmhild Gothe lets you know that the castle until the 16th century. Century was the scene of several Dukes and electors.

the castle by ramparts and ditches, in the pre – and main castle is structured, and the Hans-Joachim Kuhnt writes. And Karin Tobihn added that the entire castle was about 200 meters long and 70 meters wide. “On the grounds of the outer Bailey, you can visit an old cistern, two tower stumps and brick elements of the former castle gate, and parts of the walls of the kennel.” The mountain rise about 60 feet above the valley and can be hiked over a rise from the grill mount. This is also confirmed by Kate Moritz, who writes that the ruin is within walking distance.

What is the motive shows the new mystery photo?

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