A significant portion of the cellular, closed by the authorities in many regions of Russia, can not open if the operators do not agree about discounts for the rental. Negotiations with landlords are MegaFon, Tele2 and other operators. Potentially we can talk about the closure of 10-15% of the 15 thousand all phone stores in the country, experts say, but most of these points were marginally profitable and the need for its reduction has been brewing even before the pandemic.Mobile operators can dramatically reduce the number of saloons because of the difficulties caused by limitations due to the spread in Russia of coronavirus, said the source “b” in the retail market. According to one of them, “the Megaphone” can cut up to 200 stores in Moscow alone, the company has already notified the part of landlords that would not extend the contracts. In “the Megaphone” told “Kommersant” that while we are talking about a reduction of only 200 salons across all Russia. “Given the sharp decline in traffic at stores, and in some regions of the closures, we are negotiating with all landlords to reduce rental rates,”— said General Director of “MegaFon Retail” Andrey Levykin. If we fail to agree, the number of stores, preparing for the closure, can be increased, he admits. “Paying for idle or store the full amount of rent falling traffic has tripled, we will not”— he stressed.Tele2 is also negotiating with landlords to revise the terms, the company said. “We believe dekorativnoe the number of points of sales is optimal, but with the new role of digital channels the company believes that offline-retail needs to become cheaper,”— said her representative. “VimpelCom” (brand Beeline) and MTS did not comment on the possibility of closing stores after quarantine. MTS thus even before the start of the pandemic planned in 2020 to reduce 400 salons of 5.6 thousand rental Rates for the majority of cellular retail has already been reduced in April by an average of 50%, according to a company representative R4S (10% of the total number of tenants R4S — salons mobile operators MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2 and Yota). “Some of them continue to work, some decided to close the showrooms for the duration of the quarantine. Temporarily closed the stores also continue to pay rent,” he says. In particular, MegaFon, according to him, announced that it plans to extend the lease one of the premises, but only on concessional terms.In particular, approximately one-third of the 90 stores cosmetics network Natura Siberica can not open, announced April 14, is the founder and CEO Andrey Trubnikov on the air of RBC.In total cellular operators have more than 15 thousand stores, of which after the end of the weekend can stop working 10-15%, according to analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. But in 2019 the painmost of the stores were marginally profitable or not making money, so the need for their reduction is long overdue, said the expert.Given the increase in online sales and competition from retailers of electronics in the segment of the operator’s retail the number of stores really redundant about 2 thousand pieces, I agree the General Director “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov. The probability that closed at the time of the isolation area of the result will not open big, he said, but in this case, landlords will be difficult to find other tenants for the vacant space. The most reasonable thing would be to provide cellular retail rental vacation, and in the medium term, the rent can be calculated on the basis of the dynamics of sales, says Mr. Burmistrov. In 2020, sales of the operators in retail, in his opinion, will drop by 30%.Julia Silence, Khalil Amine