If anyone has forgotten, the capital management of Rospotrebnadzora reminds us in the city still operates in the mode of increased readiness in connection with the coronavirus. And recreation, what with bathing, without, to function should not. Tired of the southern heat Muscovites mostly don’t know and don’t want to know.

To hovrinsky dunes marching families with children and even retirees. And here three friends, as if printed on a 3D printer from Instagram. What they forgot at the Moscow beach, though quite decent, but by far not fashionable? “I like Maria says. – Tan smooth turns. A swim here… Better volleyball play!”. And it’s true. Volleyball and football courts are open. But entry into the water around the perimeter of the closed fence. But no battering rams, to break them, is not necessary. Fence like the voice alert of the authorities, we say, you have been warned, and there is nothing you can do.

many of the fence seem to be affected. In yellowish-blue waters of Vorobievka people significantly less than on the “mainland”. Although in absolute terms a lot. And on the beach so crowded that you need to go, looking at the ground. For example, someone’s iPad. Yes, certain citizens come with the equipment here to work. “Hurrah remote, well, the boss does not see,” say the managers in a speedo. “We’re not going to swim, yet the water is unstable on bacteriology, says the young mother Julia. – Here constantly so: it is allowed, it is forbidden to bathe”. Indeed, beyond the fence at the edge of Vorobyevka is a shield with crossed swimmer. But about five meters behind him in the water – “rebels” diving into the background of the ships, furrowing the Khimki reservoir.

it May seem that the regulatory authorities are in a different reality: it is “closed” the beaches, where in fact the crowds. In fact, in the Metropolitan administration of Rospotrebnadzor constantly check the condition of the water in all the nine urban zones of rest with bathing. Of course, everywhere took samples of RNA of the coronavirus. And nowhere is it not found. But in Microbiology comments fully. According to the latest data, the water meet the health standards in only four beach waters: in the Big city pond, School and Black lakes (it’s all in Zelenograd) and White lake in the East. The five remaining bodies of water rejected in Microbiology and sanitary-chemical indicators. Including a beach “left-Bank”, which we visited. Unstable water in the Silver forest – perhaps the most popular Moscow “resort”. But tired from the heat and the isolation now and the sea knee-deep, not that any vorobevka.

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