The majority of Russians (83 percent) who participated in the poll, condemned the people who sent a photo of the Nazis to participate in the action “Immortal regiment online.” This was reported on the website of the centre.

Know about the incident, 32 percent of respondents. More aware of young people aged 18-24 years (40 percent) and Russians aged over 60 years (39 percent).

Forty percent of respondents called the incident an insult to the memory and heroism of Soviet soldiers, 27 percent considered it a provocation, 22 percent – a manifestation of blasphemy, 16 percent of make a mockery of the war participants and veterans.

Every tenth Respondent called it an act of vandalism, almost the same number – an attempt to devalue the meaning of the action. Failed prank called the incident seven percent of Russians.

According to 20 percent of respondents, with the incident are supporters of Nazism and fascism. Another 20 percent believe that involved citizens of other countries, 11 percent blamed foreign political forces and security services, 15% were provocateurs among Russian citizens, five percent – of the opposition and opponents of the President.

About 29 percent of respondents believe that during this incident, it is necessary to deprive of the Russian citizenship, according to 26 percent, the perpetrators should be subjected to criminal punishment. Another 23 percent suggesting penalty, 22 per cent restricted access to the Internet the person who posted the pictures.

I wrote “the Rambler”, in the framework of the action “Immortal regiment online” unknown posted pictures of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened because of this criminal cases about the rehabilitation of Nazism.