Lawyer Oleg Sukhov said that recently cases of fraudsters seizing real estate have become more frequent. One of the schemes of the attackers is connected with the forgery of a passport, the authenticity of which is not always possible to verify, reports “Prime”.

Sukhov explained that notaries do not always have the necessary equipment to verify the authenticity of an identity card, so scammers use stolen passports or documents with photos pasted on. To protect your home, you should not trust anyone with your passport and its data. If a document is lost or stolen, you must immediately contact the police.

The expert also revealed another way that will help to save real estate. The lawyer recalled that any housing is subject to mandatory state registration. As long as a Russian is listed in the EGRN register as a copyright holder, then nothing threatens his property. However, if the owner is another person, then the scammers “stole” your home. Sukhov advised to take an extract from the register once a year to protect your property.

In addition, you should not leave the house unattended, because in such a situation it is easier to sell it. Often, scammers rent real estate for a long time, after which they draw up documents as if they are the owners, and sell the apartment. “So, if you rent out your apartment, you should definitely visit it every month,” the expert stressed.

Earlier, the Russians were called signs of dangerous housing in Sochi. So, according to experts, when considering an object, first of all it is necessary to look not at its cost, but at the documents.