the Format of coliving or simply communal apartments in the near future may become popular in Russian market rental housing, it follows from the materials of the service “Yandex.Estate”, arrived in edition “”.

“Of future trends is the growing popularity of coliving. The people will unite to remove the two – or three — bedroom apartment,” – analysts predict. Thus, it is possible to expect revival of communal flats, most of which were resettled after the Soviet collapse.

experts believe that the discount for living in the apartments of the tenants is temporary, and after the lifting of the isolation regime, the owners will likely begin to part with insolvent clients and to rent to other people. Many will prefer to sign contracts of employment for a period of several months to half a year, hoping to retake it after some time an apartment is more expensive.

“So to move this year, apparently, there are many. A bit will support the market and the traditional summer-autumn revival in the rental market: in July-August in Moscow will be students and graduates of universities”, — analysts predict. In their view, most strongly associated with coronavirus crisis affected the owners of expensive apartments for rent — because of falling incomes many tenants will probably start looking for something “simpler”. “But the decline in the economy segment is unlikely to be significant — prices will support the increased demand from people who will be forced to move to more modest accommodation,” according to “Yandex”.

Earlier in April, the ROC compared the life in isolation with communal and concentration camps. According to Bishop Panteleimon, the difficulties of home quarantine small in comparison with the life of the residents of communal apartments or the lives of the prisoners of the concentration of centers.