Migration flows are a natural part of international economic integration, according to Vladimir Zorin, chairman of the OP Commission on the Harmonization of Interethnic and Interreligious Relations, but being too intense and unregulated, they are often accompanied by low socialization and disregard for the law on the part of people coming to Russia for work.

As a result, crime enclaves often arise in the places where migrants live, and the “host society” is radicalized in response. How to find a balance between the need to fill jobs (in some regions, according to Zorin, migrants “cover” up to 60 percent of the need for labor) and the desire to ensure public safety? Today, according to estimates “offhand”, out of 10 people who come to Russia to work, only one comes legally.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the VII convocation Pyotr Tolstoy named 7 cases of mass migrant fights that occurred in Moscow at the end of July and in August. “After working out, put on white sneakers and go for fun to fight,” – this, according to him, is the main motivation of the participants of the fights. He is sure that to prevent this, it is necessary to move to tough measures and adopt laws that allow expelling migrants who have violated the law within 24 hours without the right to enter in the next 50 years. In his opinion, we also need fingerprinting, which allows us to track those who, being expelled for illegality, change one letter in the surname and return again.

The huge burden that falls on the social sphere – free education and medicine, also, in his opinion, requires restriction and regulation. The proposal just made at the Eastern Economic Forum to introduce “charter trains” surprised Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Ovchinsky: and where is the guarantee that labor migrants arriving on such trains will not immediately run away, for example, from Vladivostok, which needs workers throughout the country? But all the participants of the round table agreed with the idea that we are facing an urgent need to bring the “migrant” economy out of the shadows, and labor migration out of illegal scenarios and flows.