Singer Rita Dakota told subscribers about his dispute with Yana Rudkovskaya about the brand Louis Vuitton handbags and how producer, together with the representatives of the brand, humiliated singer.

Rita Dakota explained that the previously published post with the draw of handbags among the subscribers, she “strongly recommended” to remove.

I have great respect for its users, so if I put some post, I have to answer a lot of questions, “why did you decide to delete?”. So, post with LV bags I didn’t “decide to remove” made me do it. Or rather “strongly recommended”, and I quote, — said the singer on his page on Instagram.

It all started with the fact that Rita Dakota was invited by a friend in the “blogger circle” — the girls had to play 10 brand bags among the podeschi. The singer said that called several well-known bloggers, including Regina Todorenko.

I agreed with pleasure called Solodar, Potemkin and Todorenko. Masha did not have time to take pictures with these bags, because they already flew to Kazakhstan to other bloggers circle, so the organizer Ivan threw us a check from bought for the draw of handbags and asked to go to LV boutique to take a picture there with similar. Waving their VIP client, so we are held in a special “apartment” boutique, we took a picture, and on the day of the competition put them equally for all competitive text — said the singer.

After shooting Rita and Dakota contacted the organizer Ivan and said a “terrible scandal” in Paris due to filming in the boutique. He explained that is in the “Holy apartment” may include only customers who bring in “one million Euro turnover per year.” He asked me to remove the post and explained that someone may lose their job because of the incident.

I’m in shock I called Mary, and she says, “And I am the organizer said it was okay and should not be removed. Yes, and I’ve been in this apartment many times, and the shows my name is always.” I hasten to remind, and photos and text we have the same and no Lam a year on bags Masha spends, explained Rita Dakota.

According to the singer, and then called her Yana Rudkovskaya and said that actually she is the organizer of the competition. The producer has accused Rita Dakota that she was “unable” to advertise the brand, as it looks “germanski”.

5 minutes later I get a call Yana Rudkovskaya and the icy metallic voice announced that the organizer of the circle is actually a she, and I wasn’t even supposed to be and she wonders “how I got there”. She was a VIP and friend of the brand and she for me, her “Paris is calling”, and I have no one there at all and knows next stream of arrogant rudeness a few minutes to a number of “clearly explains” why I am “giving subscribers purses, Louis” reduce the degree of the company and lookedyazhu “germanski”, — said the singer.

Rita Dakota admitted that after talking to her was so unpleasant from the humiliating things that she uttered that she burst into tears.

I Have a recording of this stream of mud. Ian several times used the word “deshmansky” in my address and “VIP” in the address itself, and the brand and said a bunch of things that made me cry, although I’m a pretty strong girl, — admitted the star.

The singer explained that he now wants to get answers to many questions, including why she was “unworthy” to advertise the brand. Its podeschi it is recommended to pay attention to the eternal human values, not just in “ashes”, like the branded bags.

I do a lot of questions, and I would love to answer them, and then tell your audience.

do Not get fooled by this garbage. You are worse than those who make a million euros a year to LV. You are worse than rich Rudkovskaya, if you are poor. You are worse than those who have these bags if you have them and never will. Luxury fuck. Handbags — decay. They do not make people humane, humane and fair. Each of you is already better than them just because you would never have allowed themselves to those “below” and so visokomerniye — called Rita Dakota.

She also admitted that she had bags of this brand, but after the incident, the singer decided to get rid of them.

I Have two Louis Vuitton handbags. Both gave me rich, but very humble friends. These bags I thought were works of art and that is how they were treated. Today, they disgust me. So I sent them this morning in a children’s home in Mordovia Republic. Let the teenage girls happy. But rather let him read my post and sell them, summed up Rita Dakota.

Earlier wrote that Rita Dakota told how to make up with Regina Todorenko. The singer admitted that she was partly to blame in the persecution which fell upon the presenter.