at the dawn of our antiviral quarantine Vladimir Putin called on the authorities mercilessly to deprive of licences those pharmacies that will begin to overcharge on a medical mask. Only here what should be a wonderful price this attribute, he said.

Almost 2 months in the isolation of a license, no one denied, this market was complete silence, calm. But I must say that the masks during this time there was nowhere – neither in pharmacies nor in economic and other non-core stores.

Now, Yes, they appeared. Around 35 rubles a thing, where 43 or 45. In large supermarkets and up to 50 rubles for a mask.

Overpriced or not?

the Question, it would seem that frivolous. There is great difference in price apiece – what to mean, say thank you, that went on sale. After nearly two months of restrictions we are still safe from coronavirus.

But let’s think logically. Take the base cost of the mask 30 rubles. Such in some pharmacies and even bakeries can also be found. Then why “somewhere sometimes” sold in 5 and even 20 rubles more expensive?

Let’s calculate the cost of the mask. If you follow the recommendations of the experts, they must be changed every two hours. And if we are to relate to the doctors ‘ advice, and more. For example, the nose involuntarily, itching, hand mask touched – all, throw it in the trash. Broken filter it does not work, put new. Or sweating from the frequent breathing – hurry cling on the ears of another, with such protection ill even faster than without it.

In General, full-time work not in terms of isolation requires a minimum of 5 masks. After work still need to get public transport there and back –have two masks. Yes, plus 8 hours in the office or at the machine. As you want, and 5 masks per day – the most that neither is a minimum.

Take the arithmetic average price, which can be found today in pharmacies – 43 rubles. So on the day you need to spend 215 rubles.

Maybe someone from the staff person it is not too much. And maybe hits the pocket. Besides, working a little, in isolation, compulsory wearing…

And 215 rubles per day in a grocery store to buy :

polluton of bread for 15 rubles – what more?

litre of milk is 50 rubles;

10 eggs 50 rubles;

a kilo of buckwheat, 40 rubles;

new potatoes 40 rubles a kilogram;

chicken – 170 rubles. It will last for a week if the missus will cook a soup, still remain and cook the individual pieces.

the Man who in the pandemic was out of work and is not going to live on welfare, too, will need at least two masks a day – at least on public transport. 86 rubles – not the money, they too can “leave” in the grocery store.

So wind the price for the mask or not?

Judging by the packing – screw. A facial bandage, as reported to us by readers-the buyers were not released now, piping hot, and still a year or two ago. When in sight was not a pandemic, nor the low rate of the ruble. And they cost pennies. They were held in warehouses specifically to two months later to throw in the sale and a little to earn it.


of Course, health can not buy for any money. Maybe for this reason, over the past month, according to Rosstat, prices in pharmacies for drugs and medications have shown the most significant growth in groups of non-food products: 3.2 percent. In April, they are above the rate of inflation by four times and even higher than the growth in food prices. Which for the month was 1.2 %.

But a 3.2 % – that is to say, the average temperature in the hospital. On the domestic analgin price increased 8.1 %, probiotic “Linex” 5.7, medicines for the treatment of diseases of the veins of “Troxerutin” is 8 %. Also much more expensive multivitamin (5.2%) and eye drops.

Previously a number of Russian pharmaceutical companies have warned that can and does suspend the release of 50 medicines from the list vital. They do not like restrictions on selling prices, which have left the state, taking personal control of these drugs.

Maybe we shouldn’t look at the price tags of medical masks, and take that sell?..