Roskoshestvo recommended not to use cash during a pandemic

“Money can be a carrier of viruses and bacteria… Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a very long time – from several hours to several days, and it’s unclear how many people touched them and all of them were healthy,” said Roskoshestvo.

Photo: iStock Roskoshestvo gave advice on how to keep calm during the quarantine

In this regard, experts recommend Roskoshestvo the Russians to use contactless means of payment for purchases. According to the report, despite the fact that by the end of 2019, the share of cashless payments to the Russians for the first time exceeded spending cash – the figure was 50.4 per cent in a pandemic, many have to reconsider their habits in terms of use of cash.

“To minimize contact with unsafe surfaces and objects, it is necessary to reconsider many of the things to which we are accustomed. After we began to pay special attention to need of observance of rules of hygiene, should seriously think about the safety that falls to us – we are talking about money. The virus can be transmitted via paper money and stay there for a long time”, – stated in the message.

Photo: Roman MerzlyakovRG Named the main condition to end the epidemic of the coronavirus

it also lists a series of recommendations for disinfection of contactless payment tools. In particular, during the spread of coronavirus experts recommend to wipe Roskoshestvo Bank card special disinfectant. At the same time, notedoccur that the “vehicle must not be aggressive as this can damage a Bank card or graphic information on it.”

Also, the recommendations are ways to protect electronic payment devices from fraud.

the Russians, who for various reasons will not be able to abandon the use of cash, experts recommend to change the dominant hand, while making a payment. “When we unconsciously touch your face, we usually make it the dominant hand (the one that used to. Use ndominium hand during the transfer of banknotes”, – underlined in the message.