Musician and TV presenter tries to keep the isolation, but it is clearly not idle. “MK” contacted the judge and discussed the concerts in the new environment, as well as sports, food and future plans.

– Rodion, you, like all artists, are now homes. Tell us how you spend your time?

– After the announcement of the quarantine, most of the time I spend at home and almost did not go anywhere except to the store, pharmacy, etc. Periodically, there are shooting, but it’s such a part of life, that to delay no longer — the scope of professional needs. My musicians began to write more songs, or going to rehearsal, or in isolation at home because, thanks to the Internet, now anyone can afford this. Our staff and I work a lot on remote.

How did your isolation? Time to stock up on at the time, buckwheat, masks, and protection?

the Mask I had at the very beginning of this situation — I bought them in large quantity. Buckwheat and other products to stock up on did not — from the very beginning it was clear that this excitement that is blown, utter nonsense. And we knew who was an alarmist, and who normally perceives the situation. I have a friend who deals with the PR one of the major retail chains. So they were always posted in pictures of huge warehouses, where the shelves were bursting with food, and they said that everything is in order, the products will not end.

New Hobbies appeared during this period?

– old would understand! At least I had time to disassemble your Cabinet and read the books that I have long put off, and do those things that I had in a long box.

– You are not afraid of the coronavirus? What do you think about this whole situation?

– I think that if there is a need of self-isolation, and not only in our country but practically all over the world, it means something is you need. So, there is a certain danger. This view is confirmed by leading world doctors. So, what can we do? I have friends who are ill and are in hospital, so to speak of some global conspiracy, as some are now doing, it seems to me, too silly. Of course, the isolation will hurt the global economy. But there can be some optimal solution, I think. Or you can allow part of the population to die from coronavirus, or try to keep. Now, in principle, already there are problems with places in hospitals. I think the attempt to smooth the peak incidence was basically the right step. I think in principle there is no ideal solution. This is my opinion, I do not impose it.

��AK you keep in touch with family in this difficult time?

– Call via video-link, because the father is now in isolation and very strict about it. For that I respect their parents, they try to act within their competence and not imagine themselves to be doctors. To see and read how to prevention you need to visit certain sites and read the tips there. Although parents are of course worried for the children and the children of the parents too. So we are all on the isolation.

you are all family sport, as you know. You continue to do some activity at home?

– Yes, I do sports periodically, even online with the coach. And he need to diversify the exercises, because routine and monotony is the great enemy: when exercise is boring, you stop doing. And another important point: when someone is motivated, the classes are much more cheerful.

– Now in the restaurants do not resemble, so I suppose that you might prepare at home?

– mainly I Prepare myself on the grill. Now there was time and opportunity to master the tandoor, which gave me a year ago. He bided his time, and now the time came.

– Rodion, it’s no secret that artists have cancelled many projects. What are your losses?

In February I had a big solo concert, it is just now showing on TV. And he had invested much time and funds that I wanted to take in March and April. But, of course, that didn’t happen because those activities almost cancelled — we spent literally a couple. But we must not lose heart and to look for new ways how to provide for themselves and go ahead with your project.

Now many of your colleagues are complaining that soon they will have nothing to keep themselves and the teams…

– to be Honest I don’t know if this is true, at least, about the content itself. Those artists, whom I have seen complaining loudly, do it behind the wheel of the luxury car class, and there is a kind of hypocrisy. There are people who really need help. And one of these categories: elderly people, which is not something to earn, to get out of the house can’t. It is clear that all homes and hostels for older people are under quarantine, because it is the most vulnerable group of people to coronavirus infections. And if before we came back to concerts, this year for the first time on 9 may could not come. But instead of visiting concerts, we made appearances online. To participate in this agreed amazing artists.

– Say, and now popular Internet earnings. You have something in this direction?

– Yes, we offer people the opportunity to congratulate your colleagues or friends, Rhodestinnikov our exclusive concert online or writing. We have equipped online Studio with the ability to create high-quality pictures and quality sound. As we all passed through the concert console, in onelan broadcast signal is processed in all possible settings, effects and so on. Has already received a lot of positive reviews. It is clear that this does not work on videos or Studio work, but it gives the musicians an opportunity to support the pants, plus makes not to sit at home and to participate in the process, which is also very important not to fall into depression.

When will the limitations associated with coronavirus than you think to do?

– everything is simple. On the question of what you will be doing, I always replied with a joke: “After the situation with coronavirus, I’ll probably sleep for a day”. Now it is clear that this is no joke, and it’s pretty serious: cases have not diminished. On the contrary, despite the fact that sitting at home all the time doing something. That kind of song is produced, the video is mounted, then do an online concert and so on. Go to tour on cities — we have it deposited for isolation. So everything can be made up for, to see, hear…