In the Lazarev district of Sochi, local resident found on the site of a large turtle, and appealed to the scientific Department of the local national Park. Examined photographs, the experts learned the rare Mediterranean Nikolsky turtle, is listed in the International Red book and Red books of RF and Krasnodar Kray. This was reported in the press service of the Sochi national Park.

“We took the turtle, examined and decided to release it in a place where there is sufficiently dense viable population of the species – says Deputy Director on science of the Sochi national Park Boris Tuniev. – Save this turtle is an important event, because every individual is now the weight of gold.”

the Specific place of manufacture is not reported, as hunters rare turtles a lot. Their catch as a souvenir, not thinking that pick up ancient, endangered animal on the planet from the natural habitat.

On the territory of the Sochi national Park, home to two native turtle species – the Mediterranean tortoise of Nikolsky and Colchis pond turtle. Both of them are extremely rare and have protected status.

But now in Sochi increasing population introdutsirovannykh (introduced) North American pond slider turtles. It can be purchased at almost any pet store. Small turtles grow quickly, people lose interest in them and released.

According to Boris Tuniev, the red-eared terrapins begin to displace the Colchis swamp tortoise and to occupy its habitat.

Over the past few years the national Park has repeatedly been asked to collect the turtle. Version is always the same: “Saw an animal on the road and picked up”. According to experts, today in the territory of the national Park there are about 200 turtles.

the Last five years, the specialists of Sochi national Park meet the animals at the age of 18-20 years. The life expectancy of Mediterranean turtles – 30 years. This species is unique in that it is very ancient, and a subspecies of Nicholas after the ice age were only on the black sea coast.

Experts remind that for catching endangered animals provides for administrative and criminal liability.