Director of the Irkutsk research anti-plague Institute of Siberia and the Far East, Professor Sergei Balakhonov told the “Russian newspaper”, as I conducted this large-scale study and what are the preliminary results region.

“under the order, we had to learn 2 thousand 688 samples. During the week allotted for the receipt of applications, received over five thousand questionnaires from wishing to participate in the study – said Sergei Balakhonov. But the number of participants was determined on the basis of population and intensity of infectious process at COVID-19. So among the Irkutsk citizens took 1 517 people, 300 of Bratsk and Angarsk, in the range of 100 – among the inhabitants of the cities of Ust-Ilimsk, Sayansk, Shelekhov, Bodaybo”.

Volunteers were chosen at random, and then sorted the questionnaires by hand to maximize coverage of the different segments of the population. If in the computer the sample were members of the same family or the workforce, leaving the subjects only one. The study covered seven age groups from one year to 70 years and over.

“we had one unexpected problem, – said Sergey Balakhonov. – Have not been able to recruit a sufficient number of participants older than 70 years. It is understandable – older people the Internet is almost not used, and the application had to be sent in electronic form”.

the anti-plague Institute found the optimal solution. Have the scientific organization with nearly 90 years of history, a lot of veterans, with which communication is supported. They were invited to participate.

“Why not to help colleagues in this important endeavor? Of course, I agreed, – said Tamara Innokentievna, doctor of medical Sciences, former Deputy Director of the Institute. – I have two of their classmates were involved in this business. My personal data is recorded, and the next day invited to the clinic. Went and had blood drawn. I security measures to observe, but not fenced off – and on giving leave, and with family communicate. And data on population immunity needs to be explored. Now I wonder what the results obtained and we have in the area and in the country.”

“If it turns out that the immune system I have, it gives a certain freedom, – says Alena Zabrodina Irkutsk woman, who applied for participation in the study. It means I unwittingly ill, you can not wear a mask. Not be afraid that someone will infect or get infected myself. And finally be able to visit your grandparents, which is already very missed. And more important – the examination is free! In commercial medical labs to do such analysis 1,5-2 thousand is. Quite expensive”.

don’t know, lucky Allen, and my colleague Inessa Schein, a letter came from the anti-plague Institute with the identification number and the invitation to pPoliclinico for analysis. And then they called and asked me to come on a certain day and hour, Recalling that the blood is from a vein and fasting.

In the medical unit of the Irkutsk aviation production Association (SCAPO), one of the study participants, it was clearly organized and secure.

Where? – strictly asked the nurse at the entrance. – Let’s measure the temperature. And hands, please don’t forget to process.

We identified two days to work on this program, – said the head of the clinic SCHIAVO Eugene Okladnikova. – On the eve of the registrars called in all volunteers. In the hallway we had previously been markings on the inlet and sanitary control, masks, Shoe covers. We took 49 samples and the program executed.

five minutes (timed on the clock!) we stood on the porch of the clinic. We were approached by one of the participants of the study. Conversation.

– I work on aircraft plant engineer – says Michael. – At us in may for two weeks, the Department was closed for quarantine: had contact with a sick colleague. The tests passed and were at home. Then all came negative. But since then much time has passed, and suddenly I was out sick that day? I write the same that many it is asymptomatic. And here is testing. Get results – I know for sure.

the same day all the taken samples were brought to the laboratory for enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) anti-plague Institute.

– First, check-in, assigning rooms, recording in special journals accounting, – explains head of laboratory of pathophysiology, doctor of biological Sciences Valentina Dubrovina. – Then in the centrifuge we get from the blood serum and start the process. Objective – to determine the presence of immunoglobulin of the group G. Its presence suggests that the person already had COVID-19 and has immunity.

Behind the glass of the laboratory, but during the cycle no one, Junior researcher, Institute of Anna Pjatidesjatnikov deftly managed with a multichannel pipette. Digs on the tablet, in which 92 drops of blood serum countrymen, transparent liquid.

– is the test system. In each well are antigens to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and for comparative analysis one positive and three negative samples, – comments on the stages of the study Valentina Dubrovina. Now Anna brings the volume to the necessary research and then put the tablet into a special device incubator. It at a temperature of 37 degrees for the allotted time to begin the reaction between antibodies, if they are in the serum of a volunteer and antigen.

If the sample has antibodies, the antigen test systems as if grabbing them. The instructions to test the system several times rinsed, the Incubus��ia. Then the excess liquid is drawn off, and on the walls of the hole remains just that attached to each other. To see the result, there is added to the fermenting substrate, which stains the contents in all shades of amber. If the antibody lot, “amber” richer.

– you need to Work carefully, strictly following the instructions, – says Anna Pjatidesjatnikov. – However, when I see these yellow mecocci, rejoice that we have people who are protected from infection.

However at the eye level of immunity to determine quite unscientific. So the Ouija Board for accurate determination of the optical density is sent to a special device immunoassay analyzer.

– When we receive data on optical density of each sample, then check the results according to the formula attached to the test system, updated manually, explains the final stage of the head of the laboratory of pathophysiology. All positive and questionable results recheck on the test systems of other manufacturers. So we can say – the result, we have obtained 100 percent reliable.

All serum received on research in anti-plague Institute was divided into two parts, one of which is frozen. This is an invaluable material for further research.

– Since all the volunteers have agreed on an experimental study of blood, we decided to continue scientific research, – said Valentina Dubrovina. Perhaps this will be the testing of new test systems. Or, for example, the study samples on the immune status in General. It is not known yet what the challenges will put the time and the virus SARS-CoV-2.

the Data obtained by ELISA testing of the population of the Irkutsk region will be used for epidemiological analysis on the distribution and level of population immunity to the new type of coronavirus.

“All information will be carefully handled, said the Director of the Irkutsk anti-plague Institute Sergei Balakhonov. Protocols of laboratory studies carried out in our Institute and other research institutes from 22 regions will be summarily analysed in the Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Pasteur in Saint-Petersburg and in the CPS. Based on this analysis are forecasts of the development of the epidemiological situation in the region and recommendations for further activities aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infections.”

in the meantime, according to the Professor, the results of the ELISA test show that the indicators of the level of collective immunity to COVID-19 population of the Irkutsk region is lower than, for example, in some regions of the Central Federal district. “Perhaps because, – said Sergey Balakhonov, that the intensification of the epidemic process new coronavirus infectionstion we come much later.”

Each volunteer will be able to get your results where blood – anti-plague Institute already sends the information to the clinic area. My colleagues, with whom we visited all without exception davidnyc hospitals, including their red zone, antibodies to COVID-19 was not detected. This means, continue to wear masks, wash our hands and keep social distance.

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