The Soul-Pop singer Duffy (35) shocked at the end of February, Fans around the world. The musician, best known for Hits such as “Mercy” or “Warwick Avenue” was, it had been held over a longer period of time captured and raped. In an emotional Statement, the woman wrote that she had to process the kidnapping and the time needed. In a more detailed Text Duffy, bourgeois, Aimee Ann Duffy reports, now on your Homepage word.

“I posted the words that I wrote a few weeks ago, because I was tired of hiding,” she writes in her Statement. “I felt free never. I had holed myself up in my story, like a dark secret. I felt this alone.”

On the birthday in the Restaurant, under the drugs

set in Detail, she describes how she was kidnapped. “It was my birthday. I was in a Restaurant full of drugs for four weeks to me, drugs were administered and I was brought up in a foreign country,” says the singer. “I don’t remember to have boarded an airliner and again found myself in the back seat of a moving car. I was brought up in a hotel room, the killer returned and raped me.”

The Statement continued: “I remember the pain and the attempt to stay conscious when it happened. I was a day-long caught up with him. He looked at me, I had to go behind him. (…) He would have me get rid of.” Duffy writes that she moved to escape to the next town in a recital, while her abuser was sleeping. They have, however, had no money, and fear. “I don’t know how I had the strength to endure,” writes Duffy.

“If anything had gone wrong, I would be dead”

she flew with her tormentor back to the UK. “I remained calm and as normal as it is in such a Situation is possible. When we arrived home, I sat stunned in there, like a Zombie. I knew that my life was in danger. He told me that he wanted to kill me.” For four weeks she continued her tormentors in her own house under drug. “I don’t know if he raped me during this time. I remember, as I was abroad in the car and the escape, which I managed to later.”

After her escape, she had someone behaved on your balcony sitting. “I can’t remember, to come home. The Person said I looked like a Dead,” writes Duffy. The singer had felt then, you will be sure to go to the police. To be great is the fear of her rapist had been. “If anything had gone wrong, I’d be dead. He would have killed me,” writes Duffy. In the meantime, you have entrusted to the police.

“My hair was so knotted that I section you”

Duffy turned inward after the Assault, saw part of the week long anyone. “I took off my Pyjamas, threw them into the fire and pulled on a new Pair,” she writes. “My hair was so knotted, it’s because I combed it never, so I section you.” For the first time you’ve told your psychologist a few months after the Attack and the abduction. “Without you, I couldn’t have done it. The suicide risk was high for me,” she writes.

“It took so long, until I was able to talk about it because I fled after the rape and captivity. I moved in the three years after that five times, because I felt in front of the rapist is never sure. I was so long on the run.” Today, she felt finally safe.

Duffy wanted to change “name and in a different country will not disappear,”

Because Duffy spoke for many years about the rape, whether this become the “companion”. The Assault had lived in it – “he has destroyed a decade, I no longer wanted to feel the. I had to extricate myself.”

Before she decided to speak publicly about the traumatic incident, thought Duffy even to change their name, and “to flee abroad and to be a florist or something”. To let your past but behind anyone to have to strain to be able to alone withstand. With the time you have realized that you could not hide more.

“I wanted to not burden anyone with what I have experienced,”

“I thought the publication of my story would destroy my life in a state of emotional. The Hide ruined my story my life a lot more. (…) The rape has robbed me of my human rights – a life, to live without fear.” No one knew what happened to her. Duffy’s record label, agents, promoters, musicians, stylists – your environment and wondered what happened with the singer. “It kept me from those to whom I could actually trust,” writes Duffy. “I wanted to not burden anyone with what I have experienced.”

The publication of your story for Duffy to be a kind of liberation. The musician writes: “I am ashamed to say that I spent almost ten years completely alone and my heart burns, when I write this. (…) I hope it will comfort you, and you are not ashamed, if you feel you are alone. (…) I can leave this decade behind me now, where the past belongs. Hopefully there are no more questions of where I was, now you know it. And I am free.” (kad)

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