PARIS, may 18. /TASS /. this is the conclusion experts have come after the study 2.5 thousand shots.

the First patients with symptoms caused by coronavirus diseases could appear in France in November 2019. To such conclusion radiologists hospital albert Schweitzer in Colmar in Eastern France after the study 2.5 thousand x-rays.

“Typical anomalies of the lungs, called COVID-19”, the newspaper Le Parisien with reference to the radiologist Michel Schmidt was detected on fluoroscopy, made 16 Nov. Another 12 suspected cases, he and his colleagues revealed in December and 16 in January.

Now the doctors will have to contact everyone whose pictures they found suspicious, and to question them about contacts and visits in that period, as well as take the necessary tests. Although this approach does not give the full picture, given the existence of asymptomatic patients, radiologists hope that this work promotes the wider use of chest x-ray during the examination of the people who show the first signs of coronavirus.

“This retrospective study is a great idea to understand the spread of the disease, — said the President of the Society of chest x-ray Professor Antoine Khalil. — However, without smears from the nose and blood tests will be very difficult guaranteed to confirm the presence of infection in this period.” He added that he does not consider it necessary to irradiate each patient, but stressed that the deterioration of symptoms the allows you to better predict the course of disease and predict the need for intubation for five days.

French media have repeatedly written about the fact that this event could contribute to the spread of the virus in the world. A few French athletes who participated in the competition, assured that on his return from China transferred the disease, which has symptoms similar to coronavirus infection. However, the Secretary of state under the Minister of the armed forces Genevieve Daricek at the hearings in the Senate, said he would now conduct testing of athletes would be pointless, since the serological test makes it impossible to identify the period of infection, and even if someone of them detects coronavirus or antibodies to it, it may mean that they have been infected with in the next month or two in France.