During the pandemic COVID-19 was registered 4 805 229 times. 316 732 patients have died, 1 860 056 recovered. According to Worldometer, in critical condition, are currently 44,819 – at the end of April that number had reached 59 thousand, but since then it has declined.

In Russia fixed 281 752 of the case, including 9 709 for verashni day. The number of deaths reached 2 631, recovered – 67 373. The country held about 7 million tests.

one day in Moscow died 77 patients with positive results of tests for the coronavirus and confirmed pneumonia.

interactive Yandex map you can find the latest information on all regions of Russia to other countries.

In USA the number of new cases per day for the second time in more than a half of the month was less than 20 thousand (despite the fact that in all other countries yesterday, the figure was less than ten thousand, and only three of them more than five). Only the United States reported a 1 527 664 cases, 90 978 died 346 389 recovered.

In Spain for the first time in two months for the day was recorded less than a hundred deaths from the coronavirus. During the pandemic coronavirus in the country was recorded 277 719 times (1 214 per night), died 27 650 patients (87 per day), recovered 195 945.

the Number of cases of coronavirus in UK reached 243 695 (3 534 per day), he died 34 636 patients (170 per day, the lowest figure for more than a month and a half).

In Brazil the increase was 7 938 – much less than before but more than in any country except the United States and Russia. The country coronavirus was detected in 241 080 patients, of which 16 have died 118 and recovered 94 122.

Deputy Mayor of Moscow on economic policy Vladimir Yefimov told “Vedomosti” that the city authorities spent on the refurbishment of hospitals under COVID-19, the purchase of medicines, remedies and payments to doctors of more than 110 billion rubles.

Environmentalists noted that in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, and authorities introduced restrictive measures the level of air pollution in several Russian cities has decreased significantly.

the University of Hong Kong an experiment was conducted on hamsters, which scientists have proven that medical masks have high efficiency in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.