TV presenter Vladimir Pozner remembered how he had met with Microsoft founder bill gates, and shared their impression of him. In the material published on the website “daily mail” he also commented on the rumors that gates is a “terrible villain” who is trying to “destroy humanity”.

Posner said that he spoke with gates during his visit to Russia. Instead of 20 minutes they talked for two hours. The subject of their talks was the fight against HIV and AIDS, but then they discussed the problem of school education.

“As I am also interested in education, I met him in a conversation that largely how schools are organized, not only in Russia, but in General, reminiscent of the middle Ages,” said Posner.

The moderator noted that gates, speaking for the radical reform of school education, organized in the United States schools “of another nature”.

“And all this talk about the fact that bill gates is a terrible villain who is trying with the help of some medical developments to destroy humanity… That is akin to the fact that there are still people who claim that the Earth is flat. Show them any Land, they still say that the Earth was flat”, said Posner.

The presenter added that it is not possible to convince people, prove that gates and special world government “conceived some mischief”. “I’m just convinced that gates is trying to do the maximum in order to eradicate any disease and people lived better. He needs money, and big money”, — he concluded.

In early August, Posner explained why he refuses to believe in God. He noted that he is not the enemy of religion, and against the Church. The moderator stressed that it has to religion the same attitude as “the CPSU had to the theory of communism.” He also urged people not to confuse conscience with faith.