host Vladimir Posner reacted negatively to the publication of the Western editions of The New York Times and the Financial Times claims about allegedly reduced deaths from coronavirus in Russia. Renowned journalist urged the Russian media not to stoop to their level.

Posner noted with regret that nothing can not do without a policy, even pandemic COVID-19. As an example, he cited the Western media with their “soft hint” that with the coronavirus in Russia”, the situation is bad.” In turn, the Russian journalists were shown as bad in Italy, Spain and especially in the United States.

the Journalist stressed that “it went serious,” when The New York Times and the Financial Times published its article. Recall that they said that in Russia the number of deaths of patients with coronavirus may be 70 percent higher than the official data. The Russian foreign Ministry called the materials of the anti-Russian propaganda.

Posner said that foreign journalists, to put it mildly, behaved unprofessionally, because it does not apply to any of the doctors or people in charge of the situation in the country, and “decided, their calculations”. However, he stated that the Russian media began with renewed vigor to show “how bad it is to cope with the pandemic”, and argue that medicine in the United States exists only for the rich.

the Broadcaster considered that it was not worth to stoop to “pretty nasty” level “of our, so to say, enemies” from foreign countries. “Why not just contemptuously ignore it and not sink to their level,” said Posner.

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