A few objects in the market of high-budget real estate is sold using an escrow account. Club house Carré Blanc — the most expensive object of the capital implemented under this scheme. First the feet, then Genghis 1 July 2019, the Institute for real estate investors in our country has changed. Since last year, to attract the money of citizens for construction of housing developers can only through a special escrow account. This measure is intended to protect buyers of new buildings to ensure cleanliness and safety of the transaction. Now the purchase mechanism involves the use of special accounts into which investors contribute cash for the purchase of real estate by the equity contract, that is, have their money in the Bank, not the developer. On these accounts the funds of shareholders will be kept until the completion of the house and received the first certificate for the property. When working with escrow, the Bank is virtually the only investor of the project and guarantor of the use of funds. While to date no more than five objects in the primary market of elite real estate of Moscow is sold at escrow. The most expensive properties in the capital, implemented by the scheme include a club house, Carré Blanc, is located on Prechistenskaya embankment. Prices in Carré Blanc will start from 1 150 000 RUB. per 1 sq. m. for example, the cost per square meter in one of the apartments with three bedrooms, located on the third floor with a front view of the temple of Christ the Savior, is 1 450 000 rbl. the Transparency of the transaction is provided through a project Finance in JSC “Rosselkhozbank” and implement the property through the escrow account. More information about the proposals in the project and also the design Declaration can be found on the website developer of the project, LLC “custom Builder “Trading house TENT” under which today, in addition to the club house, erected 500 metres from the Kremlin, is still more than half a million square meters of residential and commercial real estate— said that the demand for such properties is not affected by the different crises. Exclusive lots are always in demand, and even the availability of money from the potential buyer does not guarantee the deal. Carré Blanc acquire first of all for life and not for speculation and capital increase. Future residents of the apartment collector’s families, who appreciate the seclusion, the views, fantastic location and high quality construction. Art in quadrated architectural, planning and landscape solutions Carré Blanc worked with an outstanding team of professionals. Elegant facades, decorated with Portuguese stone of ivory color with original drawing, invented in the Bureau SPEECH under the direction of Sergey Choban. The idea has��total architect a blend of natural stone and flowing lines in the design of the facade must create the feeling of noble and truthful of materiality, which in the modern urban architecture is increasingly rare.Masters from the Metropolitan Bureau of ADM, has developed a non-trivial concept of a chamber of unusual garden with a sculpted fountain, the center of which will be exotic Manchurian walnut, symbolizing the tree of life.The highlight of the house is a personal art Concierge, implemented jointly with the project partner LOBBY. Residents Carré Blanc will be available really unique on the Russian market the product, which includes a wide range of services from full cycle support acquisitions of art objects prior to the preparation of individual programmes of leisure and the art of travel and even curating a home library. Supporting the theme of art, the developer plans to purchase for the home collection of rare paintings, photographs, art books and sculptures made by contemporary authors, thus turning public spaces of the house into the exhibition of works of modern art.Recall that the club house class de Luxe Carré Blanc is being built in the center of Moscow, in Khamovniki, just opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Only 46 apartments in total, including four exclusive penthouse apartments with private terraces, wood-burning fireplaces and stunning views of the city center. The area of apartments from 62 to 213 sq. m, penthouses — from 256,2 to 538,2 sq. m. Completion of construction and delivery of object in operation is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021.