This Porsche 911 is not just any variant with a few improvements from the kit. “We have taken the Turbo S is a three-digit million amount in the Hand,” says Frank-Steffen Walliser. Formerly, he was the Motorsport Manager for Porsche, but since the electric formula E was converted, he directs the development of the classic sports car. And part of it is more than just a couple of cylinder “drill”.

Nevertheless, At the beginning of the displacement for the six-cylinder twin-turbo boxer engine. The there is three-litres in the normal Carrera models, the new Turbo S, he comes now to 3.8 liters. Necessary to meet the emission regulations, including particulate filters and screws, however, the performance at 650 horsepower – an increase of 70 HP compared to the predecessor.

“The man is shaking not just from the Sleeves,” says Walliser, and includes: Larger turbochargers from the Porsche GT2 RS on the right and left cylinder Bank rotate in opposite directions for uniform air distribution. Electrically-controlled waste-gate valves, new intake system and larger intercooler, the terminals, such as a backpack directly over the engine.

This Porsche is a force of nature

What was at the top of the specifications during development? “Air sovereignty,” says Walliser, and has the Turbo S to the master data tables with this performance in any case: In 2.8 seconds, Porsche charges 911 Turbo S convertible – the coupe is a tenth faster from a standstill to 100 km/h, compared to 9.3 seconds, already 200 km/h and 330 km/h, the propulsion ends.

naked Numbers – real this all feels a lot faster. This Porsche is a force of nature. A maximum of 850 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque to come thanks to mixed-size tyres – front 20-inch wheels, the rear with 21 inch and more width –, sport suspension and variable dampers still on the Asphalt.

from 3000 tours go correct from: in Short, the turbo engine needs to Accelerate in front of the curve, out of breath, but that hides the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox is pretty good. And the sound of fits: First throaty sawing, then Crescendo and a full-bodied rumble. A Lamborghini Huracan makes more racket, but so is a 911 Turbo S acts of the sovereign.

Swifter than thought at 1710 kg weight

No Nookie for hart approached curves, the brake can be precisely dosed, and the improved all-wheel drive, the front axle is variable, depending on the Situation, up to 500 Nm torque can take over, pulling the Turbo S is almost the curve. And the steering is designed in a way so precise that it responds quicker than it is 1710 kg kerb weight would suggest. Whether the Pneutemperatur is still in the frame, can be read for the first time in the Cockpit.

Folds the electric convertible top behind the driver, you can have the hairstyle is to destroy or open the wind deflector. In the interior, it looks like the penalty high centre console, with 10.9-inch large touch screen, virtual instruments. Only the tachometer is still analogue. And what is the Fun cost? At least 271’600 Swiss francs for the coupe, and again in the 16’900 Swiss francs for the cabriolet.