TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak announced that it intends to continue its attempts to engage in politics – according to the journalist, sooner or later it will become a political figure.

In 2018 Sobchak, who participated in the election of the President of the Russian Federation from the party "Civil initiative" was fourth in the election race, gaining 1.68 percent of the vote.

"Politics is my passion, I really want to engage in political activities. Unfortunately, in our country it is not so simple, and I had one shot at this, I hope, will be even and not one", – said Sobchak in the broadcast on his page in Instagram.

According to her, you have to wait for people who, like herself," want change, but don’t want them in a revolutionary way," was more.

"That’s my next big goal. And no matter what happens, no matter how many years passed, I was still confident that I’ll come to that anyway – just it is important to wait for the right moment", – said the presenter.

To the question, what is it willing to change to reach your goal, Sobchak said he does not like to "hide some things for public consumption", and in this respect it would be difficult to change yourself.

"I am always proud of the fact that I don’t care about public opinion, I won’t do it by public opinion to get some kind of convenient for them, and I know I need to do in order to be comfortable, how to speak, how to behave", – said Sobchak.