– the Preservation of memory, our history and memory of the great Patriotic war cannot be entrusted only to professional historians. The case of the whole of civil society. – the head of the scientific Department of the RVIA (the Russian military-historical society), Yury Nikiforov. Only collectively, together, we can preserve and pass on our memories.

Yuri Nikiforov stressed that the action was supported in a number of European countries, because the places related to the exploits of our soldiers or of their burial, there are more than 20 countries. The results of the cleanup will be announced on the portal of Mastopathy.Of the Russian Federation. Each user will be able to see what has been done to maintain the memorial in his native village or city, region, throughout Russia and abroad.

– the Project “Place of memory” – social platform, which was conceived so that every citizen could apply to this map the place in your village or town associated with the history of the great Patriotic war. – said Yuri Nikiforov. Now people have downloaded more than 60 000 such places. Information about them and how they, these places, updated, indicates that the project is needed.

the day will be such memorable places as the Square of memory of heroes of tank (Krasnodar Krai, p. Pigweed), a monument to major-General L. N. Gurtieva (Orel), vozdvizhenskoye cemetery (Tambov oblast), and tens of thousands of such places across the country.

Earlier the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Medinsky said that the improvement of military graves and memorials is a manifestation of indifferent attitude to their own history.

– Our memory is something that unites us all. – said Vladimir Medinsky. I want to sincerely thank all those who are trying to put in order the monuments and obelisks in your city, town and village. It is indifferent to their history, their country, their future. No matter whether it is a large public organization, or simply indifferent people – our history is one at all. Memory is, above all, responsibility, backed up by action.