A sin, he is worth it. For a few moments to meet alone and in the Hypercar in the work of Pininfarina in Cambiano, near Turin (I). Photos make? Banned, mobile phones, we have to give at the entrance. Self-Test and development driver Nick Heidfeld (formerly F1 including Clean, formula E with Mahindra) is waiting for the first rides on the road – until now he was only in the Simulator on-the-go.

Under the hood is the same technique as in the last year for the first time presented to Battista. The first fully electric super sports car in the world with 1900 HP and a torque of 2300 Nm at the Start. The 120 kWh battery of the Battista a powered four electric motors at each wheel, each with 340 HP to the front, and twice a 612 HP at the rear wheels.

Faster than a F1-Bolide

With an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds, the car beats cars in the Spurt of each F1. And the 300-km/h mark, the electric super car reaches faster than an F-16 fighter jet. Actually, there would even be against the 400 km/h top. But here’s the physics no longer sets your limits, this speed the Tyres on the road. The Beautiful: everything with Zero Emission. Five cooler to control the thermal part of the electrical system. The suspension is fully adjustable, and the active rear wing is at the same time aerodynamic brake. The brake system itself consists of Six-piston calipers and carbon-ceramic discs. In short: the Battista Anniversario is the most powerful car in the world.

The Anniversario is still a trace more exclusive than its predecessor. Instead of 150 copies, he is limited to five. That doesn’t make it cheaper: Instead of two million, a buyer has to scroll the 2.6 to the table. According to recent wind-tunnel simulations, the Team led by Design Director Luca Borgogno is on the Front of the air inlet slots way. Further, the side are modelled parts of the apron a little more measuring. Thanks to the increased aerodynamics of the fan-shaped Front of the car creates now instead of 450 new 500 km range.

Grandfather Pininfarina would be thrilled

Exceptionally, the special paint in “grigio antonelliana” (reminiscent of the pavilion-like Turin’s landmark Mole Antonelliana) is. The elegant Matt grey specialists in 300 have signed up to hours of Hand to the contours of fine blue lines. Behind the rectangular, small tax, it looks sewn from the hand-tight fit of the leather chairs with integrated headrest on three digital Displays. In the middle, the System displays the Tempo, the left and right of the Navigation and important parameters of the vehicle are arranged.

The dynamic tests are currently running at full speed. The drive prototypes of the super sports car, according to sports Director René wool man already 80 percent of their capacity. By the end of the year, the Super is supposed to be Baptist then be ready for the road.

Pininfarina makes this Bijou self the best gift of all to 90. Birthday. And Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the company, says: “My Grandfather, Battista would have been a huge joy in this car.” This Electric race car to earn his name. “He dreamed of all his life and had this Vision of speed, performance and Design.” Paolo recalls the current line speed of the cars that had been built by his grandfather shaped High. And a visit by Battista “Pinin” Farina in the White house. There, he met in 1959, the then U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower. They talked about American and Italian Design. And as Eisenhower asked him about the future of the automobile was the answer of his grandfather: “The electrification!”

next, an SUV

2020 comes, it is so far: Possible-of-attorney in addition to Italian design and the Indian Mahindra group flair. This took 2015 Pininfarina. The group is the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world, as well as in the division, Mahindra & Mahindra for the production of all-terrain vehicles, and electric cars known. The Indian billionaire, Anand Mahindra wants to develop with Automobili Pininfarina, is legally independent of Pininfarina S. p. A in Turin (design office and the vehicle Body Builder), extraordinary electric cars such as the Battista and distribute. The super athlete then a luxury SUV is set to follow. There is a company based in Munich (D) and one in Turin.

Pininfarina has a great example: Apple. As the manufacturer of the mobile phone, the company buys the best components. The battery and the cooling system developed by Pininfarina in conjunction with the Croatian Start-up and electric-Hypercar-manufacturer Rimac. Also other partners such as Brembo, Bosch and Pirelli are involved. In the case of the 120 employees Pininfarina relies on talents from 20 countries; by far the largest part of the workforce gained experience with brands such as Porsche, Pagani, Bugatti or BMW and Mercedes.

90 years old, but as a Start-up

estimates The the for the digital the field of competent former Porsche, Mercedes and Audi-man Jochen Bauer: “unlike in a group, the paths are extremely short, and it needs for decisions in significantly less time.” At the coffee machine, he would meet this, and at times those of employees. “Because then you suddenly has an exciting conversation with a Designer or an engineer, which doesn’t happen in large groups like that.”

Yet something has been copied Pininfarina from Apple: The company does not want to rely on the Hardware. As a phone User, a Baptist should be able to driver Features, to purchase and regular Updates. Instead of the Apple Apple a LED-lamp outlined the EV signals on the rear of the Anniversario-heart (stands for Electro Vehicle): You’re one of us! Self-Pininfarina-circles from the Battista less on our roads as a lot more collectors to be found.

“drove a Kilometer”

After more than 20 years of racing, the choice of Swiss and Ex-Sauber-F1 – as well as the Mahindra Formula E driver Nick Heidfeld (42) since the beginning (2018) as a development and test driver at Pininfarina.

Nick Heidfeld (laughs) not Yet.
you Are paid just for their name?
Until now, I was tens of hours in the Simulator on-the-go. In one to two months, to go with the road tests go. The Simulator works perfectly, in order to define the driving experience and to assess the results from 1900 HP and a torque of 2300 Newton metres.
And how to feel these gigantic values?
A road car that accelerates faster than a F1-Bolide. Fantastic! However, it is a matter of the car so that the driver has on a track is Fun, but also, if he travels in the City or in the country. As a racer I wanted to make the fine-tuning in the car on the track, I need to feel the car on the road.
Make such peak values in today’s sense of time?
we can argue already. This project is to show what is technologically possible. What you can achieve with a purely electrically powered super sports car for everything. The result is, in fact, fascinating.
you do not considered only as a good racer, but engineers are known for their extremely valuable feedback.
the development of The cars has interested me in my racing career, always strong, and it has given me a lot of Fun. In addition, the engineers have appreciated my assessment and analysis is always very.
With the development of a Hypercar-electric cars entering now, however, new territory.
As a driver in the formula E, I was one of the pioneers of the electric-formula sports. The development of an electric super sports car for street use, however, is for me and the whole Team of The Motorsport is highly regulated. Here we can start, so to speak, on the green Meadow. The power of Fun. And this Start-up Feeling like me: I can contribute in a variety of topics, discuss with other designers, engineers and marketing people. The project benefited from this exchange, and these short Paths. It is a great experience!