The company “Glavsnab”, which was privatized in 2013, arranges to sell their land in the South-East of Moscow. Three sites can build up a group PIC. The total area of land exceeds 15 hectares, where you can build up to 500 thousand sqm of real estate. A few years ago “Glavsnab” has already tried to negotiate their sale with the group “Etalon”, but the deal never took place.The group PEAK Sergey Gordeev can build up three sections of the company “Glavsnab”, follows from the data register. At the end of April, the structure of the developer “Altes” became the management company of JSC “Cooper yard”, the former name of which — “Glavsnab Moscow government”.The company “Glavsnab” 2013 belonged to the city, she provided services for the storage and supply of goods to the Moscow government, the municipal enterprises, establishments of social sphere, culture and sports. In 2013, the shares of “Glavsnab” at the auction of the acquired JSC “Prime group”, paying RUB 2.5 bn, the co-Owner of most companies—holders of the plots of “Glavsnab” is Andrew Nedbaev, he owns several companies in St. Petersburg.From materials of meetings of the urban planning and land Commission at the mayoralty of Moscow it follows that as of 2017 “Glavsnab” had 11 sites. According to sources “Kommersant” in the real estate market, the PEAK can take at least three of them: on Plekhanov street 11 (near metro station “Shosse Entuziastov”, an area of 6.6 hectares), Novohohlovskaya on the street, 15 (1.7 hectares at the station CIP) and the land integrated development in highway Mill, 17 and the Saratov highway, 2 and 4 (almost 7 hectares at the station MCK “Nizhny Novgorod”).According to one of interlocutors of “Kommersant”, at first, the new owners of “Glavsnab” has considered the option of independent development platforms, but then decided to sell them to the relevant developers. In particular, the negotiations for the construction of three sections a few years ago, led the group “Etalon”, which in 2018 even included the projects in a presentation to investors, but in the end the deal did not materialize. In the “Standard” has not responded to the request, in the PEAK, declined to comment.Partner of Colliers International Vladimir Sergunin assesses the deal in 3-3,5 billion rubles For Novohohlovskaya has agreed the construction of a 108 thousand square meters of real estate. On Perovsky highway and highway Mill PEAK will be able to build 209 thousand sq m of real estate, including shopping center with an area of 30 thousand sq. m. According to the Deputy Director of Department of financial markets and investments at Knight Frank Victoria Petrova, a portion of the space on the street Plekhanov PEAK is likely to be forced to give the city under the program of renovation: on the streets surrounding the planned demolition of many buildings and areas for the resettlement of the residents there are almost no. Kommersant’s source says that the renovation may be out of the area on ��OSS Fraser. Usually in return the city makes concessions to developers, for example, negotiates a higher density of housing in exchange for apartments, recalls the consultant.Partner at Cushman & Wakefield Alan Baloev calls the location of all three sites “depressed”. In Knight Frank indicate that the site is on Novohohlovskaya the street is cut off from the residential part of the district and all related social infrastructure. If the infrastructure issue can be addressed within the framework of the project, the neighborhood with the existing businesses, the TTC and the railroad will still form a negative image of the area and can reduce the level of demand from potential buyers. On the other hand, the plots on Novohohlovskaya the street Perovsky highway there is no competition: on the primary housing market of the Nizhny Novgorod district of Moscow sales are not conducted. On the street Plekhanov potential for residential development above, and the PEAK has already realized a project ZHK “the Big Domodedovo” where the pace of sales was among the highest in Moscow, and prices are among the lowest.Elizaveta Makarova