the verdict in the case, “the Seventh Studio” announced petty-bourgeois court of capital. The accused in the theft of 129 million rubles allocated from the budget for the implementation of the theatre project “Platform”, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, the former General Director “the Seventh Studio” Yuri Itin and its former General producer Alexey Malopolski was found guilty of fraud in especially large size the organised group, and the theft occurred “solely by cheating officials. the Male part of this “group” sentenced to probation.

A former employee of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum felt guilty only of negligence – she allegedly did not know about the financial machinations and was introduced Serebrennikov misleading. The woman was given a fine, but it she will not have to pay.

This is a criminal case appeared in 2015. Serebrennikov was detained August 22, 2017, initially he was accused of embezzling 68 million rubles. Then it was acquired and the amounts and the defendants. The final result was imputed to the accused theft 133 of 216 million rubles – this was the total amount of subsidies allocated to the “Seventh Studio” on the implementation of the theatre project “Platform” from 2011 to 2014. The stolen amount was withdrawn in the course of financial-economic expertise.

the Trial lasted from the autumn of 2018. On the dock was the Director Kirill Serebrennikov, the former General Director “the Seventh Studio” Yuri Itin, its ex-General producer Alexey Malopolska and former official of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum.

the Result was assured, and now it is established by court, for reporting to the Ministry of culture gave estimates with inflated cost of the work and forged documents. And the money transferred from the accounts of “the Seventh Studio” by front companies and cashed out. The Ministry of culture for the project expenses were not proper controls.

None of the above the defendants pleaded not guilty, only in the case involves six accused. In the same petty-bourgeois court is now under consideration the case of the accountant, “the Seventh Studio” Nina Massieu. It is selected from General in a separate proceeding, as Maslyaeva pleaded guilty. But in the consideration of the special order she was denied due to contradictions in the testimony of her and other accused. Massieu before the verdict is still far, recently, she changed the judge, and the hearings began again.

Another defendant in this case is the former producer of the “Seventh Studio” Ekaterina Voronova (she absconds and is wanted). As argued by the Prosecutor in the debate, Voronova by order of the government destroyed most of the primary documents related to events of “Platform”.

the Question of how the money was spent on theatre productions, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, performances and other events held on the “Platform” has become key in this process. The defendants tried to convince the court that they not only stole public funds, but also put the money which were allocated to private sponsors.

Kirill Serebrennikov said: “Guilty I don’t recognize myself, I do not steal, do not steal, no criminal group to steal did not create. This accusation is absurd”.

the Court has twice appointed examination to figure out who is telling the truth — a result or the defendants. One showed that money was spent more highlighted. The court appointed another. It waited a long time, but the defendants not pleased with the amount stolen only a few decreased to 129 million rubles instead of the 133’s.

Judging from what was voiced in the courtroom, any of the conducted researches it is unlikely to be trusted completely. Experts have accused of incompetence and bias. For example, in the last examination were not taken into account the cost of 77 held events. And the costs for account of the productions were calculated for the average, without taking into account the individual characteristics of each event. But now it is possible to reconstruct the full picture when the primary documents, “the Seventh Studio” was burned? But as later noted by the judge, at sentencing, were taken into account last comprehensive cultural and financial expertise, and the previous two were excluded from the list of evidence.

the Prosecution in proof of guilt of all four defendants is not in doubt. The fact that they testified the accountant Masliaev, which were engaged in cashing in of money. She claims she cashed them for Serebrennikov and others, and how they were allocated and spent, it did not penetrate.

the Defendants, on the other hand, said that had no idea of how cash is produced Masliaev, they believed that she officially removes them from the account of the “Seventh Studio”.

the Prosecutor noted that for each tranche obalsti (it is the leaders of the “left” firms, as they were witnesses) were taken at 8-10 percent of the amount. In real terms it could be amounts from a few to 10 million, not to notice the disappearance of such money so the experienced managers, as Malopolski and Itin, according to the Prosecutor, could not.

Some workers from the world of art colleagues Malopolska and itine who came to hear what happens at the meetings, spoke in the spirit that “about the theft here to say it, but how could you be so negligent attitude to public money as it was possible to contact Absalom”.

just a few hours before the meeting at which the prosecution requested time for the defendants — 4 to 6 years of colony of General regime, in their defense open PI��mom made the cultural community, which calls the criminal case was political and aimed personally against Serebrennikov, whose work has always been controversial. The letter was signed by 3.5 thousand actors, Directors, critics and producers. In it they pointed out the mistakes of the investigation and the twists and turns with the examinations.

In the day of the verdict to the courthouse to support the defendants in singer, came Roma Beast rapper Oxxxymiron, TV presenter Yekaterina Varnava, writer Dmitry Bykov, the film critic Anton Dolin and other stars.

As the judge read out, intent is proven by the fact that some of the money allocated for the implementation of the “Platform” were abducted as soon as they are received from budget. The verdict in the end proved to be accusatory, but soft. Kirill Serebrennikov was sentenced to 3 years probation for 3 years and a fine of 800 thousand rubles. Alexei Malopolski to 2 years conditionally, with a probation period of 2 years and a fine of 300 thousand rubles. Yuri Itino appointed for 3 years with a probation period of 3 years and a fine of 300 thousand rubles. In addition, was satisfied the civil suit of the Ministry of culture in the amount of 129 million rubles. Also all three will not be allowed to take administrative positions within two to three years.

pieces of silver, Itin and Malopolski has committed a serious crime, and a former official of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum – petty offences, said the judge. She did not know about criminal intentions Serebrennikov, Malopolska and itina. The woman was obliged to organize monitoring of consumption of budgetary funds – to check the reports, documents events which were allocated money, “the Seventh Studio”, as well as to coordinate the documents for the Treasury. Apfelbaum, as noted by the judge, had the opportunity to perform their duties, but treated them carelessly, which led to the damage of the Russian Federation. In addition, women have minor children and elderly parents. In the end, she was sentenced to a fine of 100 thousand rubles, but then released from punishment due to expiry of the Statute of limitations on her crime. She may also have to pay a “solidarity” payment to the Ministry of culture.

the support Group on the street near the court greeted the verdict with applause. And defendants began to cuddle with his family. Only Kirill Serebrennikov remained serious.