the Russian Government has extended the possibility of registration of e-hospital to citizens older than 65 years unless they comply with the isolation. To issue an electronic hospital from June 15th until the official end of the regime of self-isolation in a particular region, says the decision of the government.

“Citizens 65 years and older, to observe the regime of self-isolation of coronavirus that has not switched to remote work and not on leave, can extend e-hospital”, — stated in the message of the government.

All e-hospital are paid at the expense of the social insurance Fund directly to the employee. Money received within seven days from the date of issuance of the hospital. The certificate of incapacity are based on data that employers electronically sent to the FSS. Thus, when making allowances employee over 65 years of age should not submit any additional documents or information. The employee only has to inform in any way his employer of his intention to remain at home on isolation.

the Calculation takes place according to the General rules: when you experience more than eight years of sick pay at 100 percent of the amount of average earnings for two years, but not more than 69 041,10 rubles a month.

Recall that the mode of working days in connection with the coronavirus has ceased to operate since may 12. However, President Vladimir Putin said that the citizens of age 65 years should continue the observance of the rules of safe behavior in the spread of infection and as little as possible to go out and visit public places. Gradually, the regions began to remove the restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus, but in some subjects of the Russian Federation mode of isolation is still continuing.

E-sick leave for working pensioners, the authorities introduced in mid-April. On paid sick leave are eligible employees, employed officially.

On the FSS website, you can check your size of benefit for temporary disability – it is reflected in the personal account of the insured person.