As the Ministry of Labor emphasizes, this will affect 1.5 million parents annually. Payments are made directly from the budget of the Social Insurance Fund. Parents will not need to draw up additional documents, the fund will make calculations based on the data of the sick leave.

Recall that according to the general rules, the amount of temporary disability benefits depends on the length of the insurance period. If the experience is less than five years, then the payments amount to 60% of the average earnings (no more than 44,400 rubles). With an experience of five to eight years – 80% (no more than 59,200 rubles). For those who have an insurance experience of eight or more years – 100% (no more than 74,001 rubles). Employees with high average earnings can count on the maximum payments.

” The amount of sick leave will depend on the parent’s salary. So, it will be necessary to add up the income for two years and divide this amount by 730 (the number of days in two years), “lawyer Vladimir Postanyuk explained to RG.

For example, if the child’s mother received 40 thousand rubles a month in 2020, and 30 thousand rubles a month in 2019, then her income in 2020 amounted to 480 thousand rubles a year, and in 2019 – 360 thousand rubles a year. We add them up: 480 000 + 360 000 = 840,000 rubles. Next, we divide 840,000 by 730 days, which turns out 1159 rubles 68 kopecks. Multiply by 14 days of sick leave. It turns out 16,109 rubles.

“However, for parents of children over eight years of age, receiving sick leave benefits will be calculated according to the previous scheme: for less than five years of experience – 60% of wages, from five to eight years – 80%, more than eight years – 100%,” the lawyer said.

You will not need to issue additional documents – the Social Insurance Fund will make calculations based on the data of the sick list.