the Mode of self-isolation can cause psychological problems: experts say the increase in anxiety, nervousness, complaints of domestic violence and even suicidal thoughts. But it is especially hard for people with mental and intellectual disabilities: they often can’t even explain what happens to them. Hundreds of thousands of people with severe diagnoses trying to get through the insulation, breaking the usual routine and lack of communication with psychologists and volunteers. The correspondent of “MK” has found out, what problems these people experienced, and what their members require from the government.

“Ready to pay anyone who will explain to my son what quarantine”

Seven year old son Asel Ahmetgalievoy spend hours sitting near the window, beating his forehead to the glass and refuses to eat. In recent days, added to this is severe headaches. My son Asel autism and violation of the usual routine, the abolition of classes with a specialist and a daily two-hour walks led to a sharp deterioration of his condition. Mother was in panic.

— many autistics, the problems with the feeling of his body, to learn well, to master the simplest skills we take for granted, you need to put in order the sensing and working with a neuropsychologist. When the daily walks, the baby just began lupasit is autostimulation to feel your body. I’m willing to pay any money to someone who will explain to him what is quarantine and why he can’t go outside.

to Prevent self-harm and outbursts of aggression in an adult is much more difficult — Asel says that their community of parents of children with autism already have those who have suffered from their children. Parents also complain of panic attacks, neurosis — a condition may deteriorate enough to require urgent hospitalization.

— it is impossible to explain why he can’t live as before. And he can’t explain what was happening to him — aggression against themselves and their families becomes a way of expressing this pain, of this protest. If it’s a child, he can be handled, and if the child weighs 100 kg? Someone’s child breaks and eats the Wallpaper off the wall, emits a different haunting sound of someone screaming in the house.

Parents of children with autism has created an initiative group and prepared a petition of appeal to the President asking him to allow them at least daily walks. While the parents only received the runaround with a promise to deal with their issue. The author of the petition of Valentine of farzan as Asel now hired for a violation of self-isolation.

My son is 4.5 years old, he attended a municipal nursery school and was involved in a trampoline, tried to follow the rules of society, he was good at it. Now, when there is no school, our only option was to walk where I could make��AMB so that it, spilling its excess energy, quietly returned home to the classes, which now also have to hold me, although I’m not a teacher. For days complete isolation the child is absolutely “went into a tailspin” I am not going to describe what happened for the reason that I continue to hope that he kompensiruet and will become the same citizen as you or I, — says Valentina.

Assel has twice had to explain to the police, and the second time, the staff called to alert the neighbors, who noticed playing in the yard of the child. Mothers try to convince the police that walk with a child with this diagnosis is absolutely necessary, but worried that not everyone can be understanding. Official permission from the authorities would allow parents to avoid possible conflicts and to avoid severe consequences for the psyche of the child.

Someone wrote somewhere that autistic people will lick the walls, the elevators…Well, what is this nonsense! To other children, they also will not come. Autistic people can be two people in the area don’t know how this will aggravate the situation of infection. Very sorry that we do not find any support from the public. Even in Kazakhstan a walk with the children with autism were allowed, and we have the neighbors call the police on us, complains Asel.

“Scrapping regulations, bad mood, any stress knocks out man with mental disabilities from the normal state”

Volunteer Margaret holds classes for adults with mental disabilities. Of the four STUMPS, with whom she collaborated, the two have agreed to provide ward transfer classes online, two refused. Of those who were able to access online classes and in STUMPS is not always enough for everyone, even mobile phones, not to mention the computers — not everyone perceived them as an alternative to live communication. Several wards Margarita already losing interest in activities, depressed, refuse to get out of bed and to get in touch.

— For people with autism peculiar stereotyped behavior, they are for the year ahead I expect my schedule — which day will be the occasion to which the work. To survive the breakdown of the customary system is difficult: just spoke with the mother of one young man — he went to day mode, day and night confused, do not know why to get if you do not have to go, many people went to work, even from STUMPS. Another man used to walk on a certain route, every day he rides a bus, buys in the same store, a thing which he needed, and then getting on the bus and on her way back. We’re trying to reflect, to understand what is happening to us and why, and they are not. Can happen breakdowns, aggression, even bezrucovy demanding the return of their usual routine. Many parents in the end break the rules of self-isolation, because they understand that to face the consequences of breaking the usual stereotypes they are for months.

Those who were able to more successfully socialize, I try to maintain the illusion of the usual routine. One of his margaritas, has lost his job, got social volunteer. A young man brings food to the elderly twice a week and it helps to “stay afloat”. Volunteers and psychologists try to explain to my players the situation — often non-verbal, even with the help of pictures, strive to create the illusion of preservation a schedule and plan for the near future.

Chairman of the Board of “Center for curative pedagogics”, where children with developmental disabilities, Anna, Bitov noted that the country has about 1 million people with disabilities associated with mental disorders. In Moscow not less than 50 thousand families living with people with mental disorders. The Fund of aid for adults with developmental disabilities, created by the Center for curative pedagogics, provides online classes for the wards: Breakfast, tea, reading, role-plays, yoga, English, financial literacy lessons. Also in the collection are psychologists, who are ready to assist by phone, to connect person to online classes or conduct face-to-face appointment if necessary.

— it may seem to People that we do not work online, but it’s not. We are ready to assist, if you write that the matter is urgent — we’ll call you the same day. Social services can also provide support, but I don’t hear someone trying to explain to the families who live with people with mental disorders, that they can get. Service is now very busy, I don’t know what to do, so it is important that the parents themselves were active — if something happens, write, call, will help you.

“the Epidemic is finally revealed that the system STUMPS inhuman and dangerous”

In psychoneurological boarding schools are now about 165 thousand people. Now boarding schools have closed on quarantine — in some establishments, the ban was not only visiting, but also walks through the territory. Employees who are transferred to a shift operation, and patients were locked in rooms where simultaneously can is and for 200 and 600 people.

— In residential very high density where you live, then 5-6 people in the house, somewhere in the regions may even be 20 people. Even if in the house 2-3 people, they still have a common hall, toilet and shower for 60 people. If you get sick someone will contract, together with the staff. Somewhere where he received the coronavirus, trying to cover the floors, but it should then shut off and ventilation, and people will have nothing to breathe. The staff works almost like me��ICA, is also at risk, but no charges for them in the regions, not even masks, gloves, protective clothing about generally keep quiet. Imagine if the virus gets to the boarding school for 500 people, how much they will hurt?

When the virus came into the country, the experts proposed on an emergency basis to settle the STUMPS, to prevent overcrowding in one room, using the spot of the hotel with separate rooms and amenities. The CPS objected to this proposal, and the government recommended the STUMPS to send his players home to be with the guardians, and legal representatives. However, of the 16 million residents of Moscow hostels close took only about 400 people.

— People for many years do not know each other, family ties are broken, not many are willing to take a relative home from boarding school. We tried to negotiate that someone gave to volunteers, which people for a long time and know well. Very difficult it was. But the resource is small, not all volunteers can switch to the isolation, not everyone has the means to support another person, because it is not paid immediately, the money will come later.

the Center for curative pedagogics sure if the law about distributed custody was adopted 2-3 years ago, as it was made relevant NGOs such critical situation would not have happened. The psychologist of the Centre Alena Legostaeva hoped that after the epidemic, the authorities will finally realize how outdated and dangerous is the system of boarding schools, and will make every effort for reform.

— what we now see, shows how terrible the system within which people are locked up for years and decades. This once again demonstrates that a boarding school can not be a place where both live 700 or even 200 people — that this system is inhuman and requires immediate reform.