The swing king mourns the death of his father. Matthias Glarners Papi Andreas died after an infection with the Coronavirus at the age of 70 years.

The 34-Year-old transducer was egged on in his Childhood by his father again and again in a special way. Before the last Brünig-Schwinget Mätthel” an example: delivered “”Every Time my father, my Cousin Simon Anderegg and chauffeured me to a young schwingertag in the Central part of Switzerland, he pointed to the top of the pass with the Finger to the Arena and said: “If you want to swing one day yourself up there, you have to eat a lot of potatoes.””

It is precisely these words were to tackle the Glarus to animated Training even harder. Not only sawdust, but also on the lawn. Because the dad was a functionary in the football Department of SV Meiringen, tending Matthias up to his 15. The age of the gate. But then the father didn’t realize that his Eldest was in contrast to the three years younger son Stefan for a career as a football professional.

recharge your batteries thanks to Papi

A particularly hard exam, had to pass the Glarners from the Bernese Oberland in 2013, as the SBB employees Andreas suffered a serious stroke. Because the father was but as great a fighter as his boys, to his feet he again. In may 2014, Matthias said after his victory at the Berne Zeeland with tears of joy in the eyes: “My father is so good, that he can accompany me back to the swing fixed. It gives me strength.”

Matthias gassed up in the presence of his father so much force that he could conquer in August 2016, the swinging crown. Also brother Stefan was in this Phase at FC Thun in the best shape of his life. But now, the Coronavirus has taken the Glarus-jacks, the most important support. (mwp)