Previously, the Department of health published operational mortality data for April and explained exceeding the target compared to the 2019 year. The Department has also published detailed Analytics of death in accordance with the new methodology of the Ministry of health, in preparation of which participated actively and Moscow doctors. New recommendations have resulted in better reporting of cases where COVID was the main cause of death and those where it is with high probability was a catalyst and led to the exacerbation of other underlying disease.

This became possible thanks to the fact that 100% of deaths with suspected COVID in Moscow carried out the autopsy with a detailed post-mortem analysis.

Thus, according to operative data, in may 2020 in Moscow was 15 713 deaths, which is 5715 cases more than in may 2019 (9998). If we calculate this figure based on data from the last three years, the average annual mortality in may will be 9914 (9935 in 2017, 9808 2018, 9998 in 2019).

That is, the excess of deaths in may 2020 is 5799 cases. COVID-19 as the main or concomitant cause of death noted in 5260 cases (92% of all excess deaths in may).

From COVID, as the main cause of death in may, died 2757 people.

“We are including COVID related to those cases where the person had a negative test (during life and posthumously), but the results of postmortem studies and clinical signs testified to the fact that even with a negative result most likely cause of death was a coronavirus, – stated in the message destava. Such in Moscow in may was 433 people. Thus, we have attributed to COVID everything, even controversial, questionable cases. In may was not related to death from ordinary pneumonia no case”.

However, as mentioned before, the coronavirus aggravates other diseases that can lead to death. In may revealed 2503 of the patient who died from other causes, but had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Following the new methodology, capstraw has allocated further funding of this group and those cases where COVID-19 had a significant influence on the development of the underlying disease and its lethal complications. The virus has become a kind of “catalyst” for the development of the underlying disease in 980 cases (mainly BSK – 843, diseases of the respiratory system – 73, other disease – 63).