the Number of views of the show “Main prom” Vkontakte – 23 000 000; the number of likes – 190 000; number of comments – 378 000; number of reposts – 1 800.

the Show was shown on TV. The national music channel “MUZ-TV” yesterday, the day of the all-Russian prom, led the broadcast of “Main exhaust” Vkontakte. On this holiday in onlay format were popular artists: Basta, Tim Belarusian, Ramil”, Timothy, Zivert, Jony, HammAli & Navai and Niletto and others.

Graduates heartily congratulated by many famous people, whom you can look up to. This is the Andrei Konchalovsky, Tina Kandelaki, German Gref, Timur Bekmambetov, Elena Volatile, Evelina khromtchenko and many more. About the speech of the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov to the graduates, “RG” wrote separately.

“don’t worry, I didn’t have a normal prom, I was at the training camp. But then I became the Olympic champion,” so I decided to cheer today’s graduates celebrated athlete Margarita Mamun.

“Graduates… got Rid of the school – will now start a good life. Error! Now the problems begin” laughed in his congratulation Andrei Konchalovsky. He also explained to young people that it is not necessary to despair, if in the beginning they had made the wrong choice in life. Mater said that he graduated from the Conservatory, and the film came later. “It’s important to understand where you will better all,” Konchalovsky said.

One of the “Main outlet” to the great delight of modern became popular and fashionable rapper Morgenstern – he presented a new music video for the song “Cadillac”. Part in the filming of the virtual show took and users of Vkontakte, which took creative video in the “Clips” in this social network. Led the ceremony IDA Galich, Vladimir Marconi and…. voice assistant Mary. Virtual environments – their rules and their lead. And real life they prepare students yesterday in a special ways.