According to the Deputy mayor, five Moscow museums will present a program in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. For example, on the online tours and exhibitions about the great Patriotic war invited the Museum of defense of Moscow, the Museum of tank T-34 and the Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky. The program “Night at the Museum” will present and the Krasnogorsk branch of the Federal Museum of Victory, where in the course of the tour will show the playing cards of the German officers, winter hat field Marshal Paulus.

while walking through the halls of the State Museum of defense of Moscow guides will show valuable items from a closed store Museum. Among them are personal belongings of military commanders, soldiers of the guerrilla groups and home front workers who participated in the battle of Moscow. These weapons, clothing, archival photographs, drawings and sketches, which was done on the front of the soldiers.

During a virtual journey through the halls of the Museum complex “History of tank T-34” the guides will tell about creation and battle way of the legendary machine, carrying out tactical missions on the front from the first days of the war and until the Victory Day. “Thirty” – so named for its military – became the most mass tank in the 1940s.

in addition, during the action “night at the Museum” can be visited online-excursion “the Great Patriotic war in the life and work of Vladimir Vysotsky”. The poet’s childhood passed in the evacuation, the topic of war often appeared in his songs and poems. Video tour will be published on the website of the Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky at 18:00.

A. F. Losev House has prepared a virtual exhibition on the library of the famous philosopher of antiquity, translator and writer Alexei Losev. During the bombing the house of a scientist was destroyed, the library has been buried under the rubble. The story of her rescue and get to know tourists. In his collection there were about 10 thousand books.

a Museum of Russian folk and naive art invites you to an online exhibit “Victory salute”. The exhibition includes works devoted to the two wars – Civil and the great Patriotic war. Access to digitized paintings of Ivan Sarychev, Stephanie Bazylenko, Alexander Ryzhov and other artists.

in the framework of the action “Night of museums” this year will be almost 100 virtual tours, lectures, art, concerts, master-classes, quizzes and other events. The program has trained more than 50 of the capital’s museums and exhibition halls. Most of the activities are scheduled from 18:00 to 23:00, but the broadcast in online channels some sites will start earlier.

the complete schedule can be found at .