the Leadership of the organization “Pdestroy” appealed to the arbitration court to members of the public Council of the school N 4 of the village of Privolzhskiy in Saratov region. According to the representatives of the construction company, its publications on the Internet they caused damage to its business reputation.

In the lawsuit requires the developer to recognize untrue and damaging the business reputation of information about the low quality of works during the construction of the school. As compensation the company requires from four members of the public Council million one hundred thousand rubles. The money she was going to transfer to the school Fund.

Apparently, the wrath of the Builder was the fact that the account of the public Council of the school N 4 Instagram, the participants posted photos of defects, which are discovered on a construction site: bad zapenennye Windows and doors, extending from the wall skirting, and similar flaws.

Earlier, the social activists appealed to the Governor Valery Radaev and deputies of the state Duma with the complaint that the organization tends to use cheaper materials and save on quality. In addition, at the insistence of members of the public Council of the builders have already been forced to replace the doors installed in the school, the more expensive and high quality.

According to the Director of the construction company, the Deputy of municipal meeting of the Engels district Dmitry Plekhanov, the lawyers of this organization is found in the publications of the expressions that defame the honor of the company. However, the MP is ready to withdraw the case, if members of the public Council make a public apology.

In turn, the community members did not agree that, in talking about the faults, sought to cause any damage to the reputation of the Builder. As they explain, the purpose of them was to achieve the completion of works in accordance with project documentation.

by the Way, earlier the same organization has been criticized for discovered construction defects in the delivery of kindergartens: N 25 in Engels and in the neighborhood of “Star” in Saratov.

– In such situations the courts make the decision based on the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion, – says Nikolay Skvortsov, the head of the law firm, a member of the Public chamber of the Saratov region. – In this case members of the public Council of the school monitored the progress of the construction and drew the attention of the contractor and customers on the deficiencies that had every right to. In the construction of other social objects are also created public councils, and listen to their opinions.

the Construction of a new school N 4 in the village of Volga, where more than 33 thousand inhabitants, began last year with Federal funds. The old school building was dismantled in 2004 after the collapse of one of the walls. After this, the children fifteen years engaged in three different scattered throughout the neighborhood buildings. Residents have repeatedly appealed to the municipal and regional authorities with requests to build a new school. To solve the problem was only after the construction of the school was included in the national project “Education”. The new school is designed for 825 seats, next to her swimming pool, connected with the school by a covered walkway. Letting educational institutions was planned in August of this year.