Nyusha for 10 years performing on the stage. The girl was able to achieve popularity and fame. And three years ago she arranged my personal life. In the Maldives was held her wedding with Igor Sivov. Now the couple have a teenage daughter Simba. Before about his personal life, the actress told almost nothing. You know, she was having an affair with Egor Creed, but then they for a long time did not communicate. About the relationship with the idol of youth, it is told in the YouTube show “And talk?”.

Also Nyusha told how to overcome resentment, which held Yegor, and how her husband reacted to their duet. Presenter Laura dzhugeliya complained that the singer is very boring and not scandalous personality. However, she decided to learn how to family life, the artist belonged to men.

The actress admitted that she was never interested in fans that after the show called her out on a date or asked for a phone number. She paid attention only to those who approached her through friends and acquaintances. The singer also recalled the most unusual gifts.

“If we talk about major gifts, I did not take them. There have been attempts to give me an apartment, a car, but adequately on time I was denied. I had an adequate response to that, because usually do when I want something in return, require and so on. I even can’t remember what charm I could give. Usually it was of minimisethe: large bears, bouquets of flowers.

were romantic gifts: unusual date because I’m a creative person, romantic, I have been captivated and fascinated when men show some creativity, come up with a soul, not when, “She snaps at Cartier, she is now four-some will buy”. It is clear that I was not surprised, I imagine it can buy,” she said.

Nyusha also remembered how once she had to speak to some men.

“One time was when there were seven men. It was a corporate event, we went into the hall, and here they are seven. We also worked. I was worried that they will sit the whole concert, but no, they were clapped” — shared the girl.