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Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Gas stations present increased risk of the spread of a new coronavirus infection. "RG" learned measures taken at the gas station in the period of the pandemic and what should be done by drivers to avoid that
The court of cassation banned to deprive the rights of drivers in absentia. The principle is simple: if driver is not given a chance to speak in his defense, it is a serious procedural violation, and to punish in this case it is not
Drivers deprived of the rights for not alcohol-related disorders, you must declare the Amnesty. This initiative was made by a member of the Chamber of young legislators in the Federation Council Dmitry Guliyev. He offers to return the law to combat the spread of coronavirus
The Volkswagen group will be sent to a forced vacation 80 thousand workers. Reason - violation of the supply chain for the delivery of spare parts and the decline in sales due to coronavirus
One of the measures of social support of the population proposed to make a reduction of prices on gasoline and other fuels at gas stations. This initiative was made by a member of the Duma Committee on energy Mikhail Sheremet
Local authorities will be able to obtain information about those motorists who have put their cars on lawns or unpaid Parking tickets. The data will provide the Ministry of interior. "RG" publishes the relevant law
After buying a car for personal and family needs of the citizens should receive a tax deduction by analogy with property deduction for buying real estate. A bill on this subject introduced in the state Duma