an Employee of the Central regional hospital of the city of Kimry of the Tver region named Irina could not remain silent and complained about the lack of conditions for work with infected COVID-19. Video story woman published Telegram-channel “Rise”.

“I Beg you to hear my complaint about the negligence of the administration to our little team. Today we learned that the patient, who was admitted to the intensive care unit 15 APR 2020 coronavirus infection,” he shared details of the nurse.

According to Irina, in the same house at the moment is two patients, only the separation of the four patients, three of them connected to artificial lung ventilation (ALV). The fact box, and the chamber was not provided for the treatment of especially dangerous infectious diseases, said 39-year-old woman.

the nurse said that she has chronic lung disease, and it is on the day along with 69-year-old doctor, 61-year-old nurse.

the Woman complained about the lack of a sufficient number of personal protective equipment (medical suits), and even food.

As told by an employee of the TSRB of the city of Kimry, on the weekend, doctors gave seven suits and five of respirators that need to be changed every four hours.

“we Have no food, we have no clean towels, we have help, we are only in the “red zone” and “green” have not” – listed the difficulties Irina.

health care providers are trapped in a Department with a two week quarantine with the infected patient and other patients on ventilators. In his video the nurse asked if infection is considered the fault of the hospital administration and the physician.

the Woman also demonstrated the scarcity of food, which provided doctors and patients.

“We brought Breakfast, which is albatana and small plochocka here is such a mess for four patients and for three of us: the doctor, the nurse and I nurse. The bread was on the weekend,” she said on the second day on the 14-day quarantine.

the government of the region, the newspaper reported that the isolation of the author of the video, call the medical team and patients are provided with everything necessary, including proper nutrition.

According to the latest data, the total number of cases in Russia increased to 99, 399, 972 patients have died, 10 recovered 286. Yesterday, the growth in the country amounted to +6 411, and Russia once again appeared on this indicator in second place in the world after the United States. The total number of cases in the country was in eighth place. It became known today about another 5 841 new cases of coronavirus COVID-19. On Mosk��have 2 220 cases in Moscow oblast – 686, Saint Petersburg – 290, Nizhny Novgorod oblast – 131, the Republic of North Ossetia – 121, and the Bryansk oblast of 115. Also throughout the day were 108 deaths, and fully recovered 1830 people.

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