“RG” wrote about this in the article “the Unconquered battery” in the 14.05.2020. The owner of the site allocated for development in Ukrainian, decided to build a private home just a few metres from the monument and cemetery dedicated. The first attempt to start construction was in 2016, but the Association of search groups “Duty” managed to defend the battery. In 2020 the allotment were purchased by the new owner. Social activists have sounded the alarm, got through to the Prosecutor General’s office, which initiated check of legality of allocation of a site and the possible construction.

Despite this, at the beginning of July to the site came back the technician, began to import building materials. The workers were met by troopers of the search engines, officials and Cossacks. They were on duty on the territory, there appeared a fence and a ditch.

most community members were outraged that the building of the Holy place, where every meter of land was mutilated by the shells and drenched with the blood of men, began on 3 July, the day of the end of the second heroic defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942. They are more than 20 years sought from the authorities of the city create the memorial. But instead, in the Ukraine, all the surrounding land “sawed” on areas up to the borders of the monument to soldiers of the 365-th battery. The obelisk was established in 1952, from 1975 on, he was under the protection of the state in 2017 became the object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation regional importance. Just next to it and wanted to build a house.

In 2019 the entire territory and structures of the 365-th anti-aircraft battery added to the list of cultural heritage. The boundaries of the object include the former command post, gun courts, dugouts. In accordance with the Federal legislation in the 100-meter protection zone is prohibited construction.

But all this did not stop the owner of the site. He claims that he bought the land this year, and the transaction did not arouse his doubt: no one warned that this is next to the monument and build permanent structures impossible. There, he was going to build a house on the market. He believes that the city should compensate him for the loss or to provide a different put in the same “ecological area”.

However, the acting head of Senslide Irina Maslikova believes that the owner knew about the protective zone of the monument and the prohibition of capital construction.

Now, the 365-th anti-aircraft batteries are installed, the security zone. Territory on the 60.0 height (the Height of the Characters) received the status of protected landscape.

– Allow the reconstruction of lost objects of historic and aesthetic value, the demolition of dissonant objects, carrying out construction and repair works necessary for the functioning of the object of cultural heritage: laying of engineering networks and landscaping. Prohibited cutting down of green plantings, new construction and economic activity, leading to pollution��UW landscape and environment, – said Maslikova.