taken Possession of the minds of many people across the planet in the background coronavirus is a new-type conspiracy theories and got to the famous Russian Director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov. He accused American businessman bill gates in the intention to microchip humanity.

According to him, the founder of Microsoft wants to make the world Apocalypse.

earlier, the influential American newspaper the New York Times reported that billionaire bill gates could be involved in the creation of a coronavirus. The paper refers to the research centre Zignal Labs. It is noted that the spread of new infections may be in the interests of the founder of Microsoft. Supposedly a billionaire wants to capitalize on the production of a vaccine.

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In the new issue of TV program “Besogon TV” Mikhalkov as proof of this version brought a patent under the number WO/2020/060606 who registered based gates company engaged in the vaccine for the coronavirus.

“It’s not a vaccine in our understanding! It’s chipping!.. In the human body implanted chip, performing the role of Supervisory authority for compliance with the characteristics of daily activity for a cryptocurrency… the Overall goal is the reduction of humanity, too much consuming and consuming oxygen, food and everything else,” said the Director.

he drew particular attention to the number of the patent that is similar to that described in the Bible the “number of the beast”: “one worries that the “060606”.