The eight-piece ORF-Netflix-production sends the young Sigmund Freud on a manhunt through the Vienna of the 19th century. Century. The cocaine addicts and unhappily in love, the doctor believes that with the help of hypnosis the unconscious traumas to reveal, but his audacious theories will find no favor with the doctors ‘ colleagues.

The series takes a time from Freud’s life, about which not much is known, and therefore is particularly well suited to tell a story. Elements of Mystery, crime and Horror are wildly mixed.

What is it?

With the brutal murder of a prostitute, starts a bloody conspiracy. Freud is unaware involved in the crime, as the invites infamous Medium Fleur Salomé with sensitive References to his help. Freud sees the Chance to bring his research on hypnosis as a psychological method – and is on the search for the killer of the unofficial psychological Advisor to the Commissioner Alfred Kiss and its partners.

The main characters actor character

Robert Finster

Sigmund Freud

Ella hull

Fleur Salomé

Georg Friedrich

Alfred Kiss

Brigitte Kren


Christoph Krutzler

Franz Poschacher

Anja Kling

Countess Sophia von Szápáry

Philipp Hochmair

Graf Viktor von Szápáry

General info

production country

Austria, Germany, Czech Republic

original language


production company

Satel Film, Bavaria Fiction

directed by

Marvin Kren

production year

to 2020


55 minutes


English, German, French, Italian


English, German, French, Italian

age rating


What makes the series particularly or differently?

The series tells several Perspectives in parallel, the spectators must remain attentive. Visually, the dark shadows game over, the opulent setting and the gloomy picture language of Dreams and visions a lot. The series remains in the head, disturbing as it is, but also because of the wonderfully dry Viennese humour, the looks again and again.

VIEW comments

“Freud” is a colorful mix of fiction and history, detective story and the spirit of the time portrait. Anyone who wants to learn more about Sigmund Freud or psychoanalysis, the the Netflix is not convincing portrait however. The series is not a Biopic, here and there, there is a lack then of a historical logic, and the real model of Freud would not have needed it for the story necessarily.

The series takes a bit to get to travel, but at least from the third Episode the Story with tears and convinced with excellent actors and a heady roller-coaster ride through the beguiling Seances, wild dreams and surreal visions.

there Will be a season?

If the eight episodes will find a sequel, is still to be determined. Material for a second season, it would be enough, finally, to Freud, shows only the beginning of the career of the soul doctor.

Which series are similar?

shows such as “Dark” and “Babylon Berlin” have proven just how good German shows can be. If you like, in particular, the mood of “Babylon Berlin”, the machine can turn on in the case of Freud. Crime fiction fans, the unusual investigator, such as “Sherlock”, could also have their joy.