Daughter Valentina Legkostupova Annette Brill on a talk-show “Doc-talk” said, what a legacy left behind once popular singer and what part of it can claim her late husband yachtsman Yury Firsov.

In the list of property which was owned by the singer of the hit “Berry-raspberry” Valentina Legkostupova listed country house located under Pavlovsky Posad, apartment in textile workers and the car taken on loan.

The latest husband of the singer Yury Firsov their rights to the inheritance of his late wife not stated. However, the man, according to relatives of the artist, shows an unhealthy interest in their property. So, the mother of singer Galina Ivanovna said that the yachtsman asked her who she wrote to her apartment in the Crimea.

Daughter Legkostupova Annette Brill said that shortly before his death, the singer expressed a desire to move to Spain. While Firsov, she said, insisted that the artist sold all his property in Russia. A woman called requirements stepdad “suspicious”.

However, while the fate of the inheritance Legkostupova clear, said Brill. According to her, the property of the singer will be divided between her brother and grandmother.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the singer Natalia Shturm on his page on Instagram showed how resting yachtsman Yury Firsov after the death of his wife. The picture was published on 18 November. The photo shows the widower Yuri Firsov: it is nightclub, hugging two young girls and with the big smile. In the caption, the singer Natalia Shturm reminded that the day of the death of Valentina Legkostupova Firsov depicted the mountain at the command of men. However, their sorrow was quite short-lived. In the picture, the singer said, “a widower with pleasure touching ass two girls”.